Why do people migrate to Russia and what are they hope to find here?


According to the representatives from representatives of the Main Directorate for Migration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs There are around 10 million foreigners who enter Russia each day. From these, about 2.4 million of them are legitimate migrants. What exactly are they and why do they decide to move to that particular nation? Let’s discuss it in this article. Where did they originate?


The Russian Federation is among the top five nations with regard to the amount of immigrants. The principal countries that contribute to it are, as you can guess, those of the CIS countries. The top ten countries are: Ukraine Tajikistan Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Armenia Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan Belarus Moldova Turkmenistan There are a lot of individuals also come across the border to Russia through China. As per the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 863 thousand people living in the Celestial Empire were recorded in Russia in the first quarter of 2019. But, the vast majority of instances, residents are foreigners. The country is in the first position in terms of the amount of holidaymakers who come to our country. It was only in the beginning of the year 2020’s first quarter, just prior to the closing of the borders, 47,565 travelers visited us to take advantage of this opportunity. Second place according to data from 2020 are that of the Republic of Korea – 29,680. Germany is in third place with 21,043, while Israel is fourth with 1,711.


It is hard to determine exactly how many immigrants. Rosstat determines the number of migrants through arrival/departure cards and in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the number of instances of registration of migrants and The Border Guard Service by the number of cards for migration issued. This means that the figures of the various agencies are almost never in line. And that’s not even including those living in Russia illegally. The reason why migrants travel to Russia are the most important reasons.


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To find out the reason the reason why people travel to Russia and determine the official reason for their arrival to Russia, or the Russian Federation, you can make use of the information on the immigration card. The possible answers include studies, work and private use transportation, tourism or official reason, and commercial (business). In this scenario, “private” most often is a reference to visits to family members or friends. But, in actuality, it could refer to any kind of. Personally, I had this idea in the beginning when I didn’t know how I would get my visa or if I would remain inside Russia. Russian Federation for a long period of time. The reason for “work” should be clearly defined by those planning to sign a legal employment contract as well as execute an official patent. As per EMISS at the beginning of the year 2020, these two reasons were often stated by those who were coming through CIS and post-Soviet countries.

Citizens of Ukraine usually seek the aim of becoming citizens and then settling in permanent residence. Naturally, the social-political conditions in Ukraine play the major role however, prior to 2014, there were individuals who were willing to go back “to their ancestral homeland..



However, people living in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan typically have the idea of “earning and returning. The objectives, naturally differ: one is able to provide for their family, while someone is saving up for a home or car and someone is saving money for an event or for studies. The economy in the three countries is quite difficult. The average wage in 2019 is between $100 to $250. And it is official data that don’t show the most blemishes numbers. And the country is experiencing a huge shortage of employment opportunities on the market for labor in these countries. According to EMISS data for the 1st Quarter of 2020, international workers get hired most frequently in the areas of individual entrepreneurs and companies that operate without opening an entity legally construction; wholesale and retail commerce; agriculture; manufacturing. It’s not just about money. issue is the primary reason immigrants migrate to Russia. When speaking to Gorod 812 Sergei Abashin, a professor of anthropology at European University, spoke about gender and the social structure. He said it’s predominantly young males of Tajikistan as well as Uzbekistan who are employed. They make up greater than 80 percent of total sample. However, in Kyrgyzstan as high as 40% women are. Professor Abashin says that historically, women from Kyrgyzstan have enjoyed more freedoms than their neighbors. If they are left alone, such as after divorce or the loss of a spouse and divorce or loss of a spouse Kyrgyz women head to Russia to escape “stares” in their homes. The young people of Azerbaijan are also drawn to Russia due to the inability to escape social stigma: “My boyfriend and I are both IT experts and game creators. We work remotely, and we collaborate with firms that are from Russia as well as America. We make enough. However, in Baku it’s not enough to stay clear of gossip and whispers. In Baku, if you’re with someone and aren’t married, nothing can protect you from their. In addition, I’ve had a hair dye and had pink strands and the neighbors had began to complain to my father about how young girls shouldn’t be acting as they did! If I live in St. Petersburg, I think I shouldn’t be scared of this,” says Ilnara, an unmarried woman of Baku. Girls and women of a younger age typically originate to Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Most often, they seek education followed by citizenship and remain here for the duration of their stay. The people from these countries effortlessly blend into the surrounding and are fluent in the language well, and culturally. Often externally, they don’t appear to be different by any means. Thus, despite their large population, they’re not visible within the society. As a refugee to Kazakhstan me, I regularly observe this distinction.


Are there alternatives available for people from post-Soviet nations who are in Russian Federation? Russian Federation? It’s not so much. Russian immigration laws might not be the best for some, but they do not require visas and are able to find jobs without complex procedures for confirming qualifications. The flow of migrants of people from Central Asia to Turkey and the UAE is slowly growing and isn’t quite the magnitude of Russia.


What regions are they heading to? It’s not hard to figure out that Moscow is the first choice. It is the home of 24.2 percent of all immigrants within Russia. The next is the Moscow region with 12.5 percent, St. Petersburg – 12.4 percent along with the Leningrad region with 3.3 percent. The fourth position is held by Krasnodar region, which has 2.6 percent of labour migrants. The Sverdlovsk region as well as that of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area and the Irkutsk region gained two percent each. Regions like those of the Jewish Autonomous Okrug, the Komi Republic, the Magadan Oblast and the Tambov Oblast are least willing to relocate.


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