Which is the best destination to leave Russia in 2022?


In this article, we’ll try to answer the question “Where is the most convenient location to move out of Russia in 2022”. You can also talk to lawyers online for free on the site.

A crucial aspect to consider when emigrating out of Russia or another country is to obtain an residence permit within short time. Certain countries permit foreign visitors as tourists, which is why they have their tourist residency permit. But this isn’t the sole reason to draw an official document that confers the right to a short-term stay in a foreign nation.

The most popular program that are available, with conditions under where you can leave Russia and obtain a residence permit by 2022:


Permit to reside in accordance with the program of study at the higher education establishment of the jurisdiction or in another educational institution.

Work visas for highly skilled specialists who are in high need in a foreign country. You could even work for an organization remotely and get an entry permit to stay in the country upon your arrival. As an example, these possibilities for expats are available to immigrants from Canada, Germany and Turkey.

A marriage to a non-native also grants the right to obtain an residence permit, with later extension, and citizenship.

A company’s registration can help you obtain the right to reside or become a citizen within the shortest time. The incorporation of a business within Turkey Republic of Turkey with 50 jobs will allow you to apply for the Migration Service for a state passport, and also to keep your citizenship.

Investors who place their funds in banks, government bonds and other institutions, don’t only get passive income however, they can also avail of tax advantages (if both countries have signed an agreement to prevent double taxation) and to leave Russia to become permanent residents.

Citizenship through descent needs proof of the kinship as well as genetic roots within a specific state.

The Top Countries to Live in 2022 for Permanent Residence Where to live

Each country has its own rules in deciding which country to choose for permanent residence, immigration and vacation. We have compiled the list of countries that allow you to relocate from Russia and moving citizens of those CIS countries. Europe, Asia, East or America. Which one is more suitable and more secure to travel together as a family, with the possibility of exploring new territories, provide children with an education , and live to a happy older age and visit different countries without issues?


Moving out of Russia into Asian states is not easy if you are aware of the reason for your departure from Russia and select a country in accordance with your requirements. Eastern countries enjoy a excellent climate, you can earn money from your personal garden, and the tourism industry is well-developed and the process of getting an extended-term visa won’t take too long.


In which countries of Asia you can migrate to from Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and other states of the former CIS in 2022:


Singapore is the top destination for immigrants because of its strong economy and its tax-friendly system. You can emigrate from Russia and relocate to Singapore to live permanently by marriage, work, investment in a business location or to start your own business. The complete information about Residence Permits or Permanent Residence Permit as well as immigration to Singapore is available on our website.

Moving to the Philippines allows you to live within the country under an entry visa for two years, then departure from the area and re-entry to the same purpose (tourist holidays). A longer-term residency permit, there is a retirement programs, which are accessible to foreigners older than 34 years and is priced starting at twenty thousand dollars.

Malaysia Immigration and relocation to which is particularly relevant for professionals in different areas due to the scarcity of skilled personnel in Malaysia. You can emigrate from Russia and you will be able to obtain a residence permit for 10 years under pension programs when you apply and open an account of up to 100 thousand dollars (for those who haven’t reached the age of retirement) and 50 000 dollars (for retired people). Malaysia’s cost to live in Malaysia is more expensive than different Asian countries, and is comparable in comparison to Russian cities of billionaires.

China as a permanent home is a beautiful country with an impressive economy and employment opportunities for specialists with high-level qualifications. Like other countries, in China you can obtain a residence permit to work and family reunions or wedding to an Chinese citizen, registration of a business as well as investment in the Chinese economy or real property (from up to 500 million dollars).

Thailand is not in need of promotion to Russian citizens. It is open to tourists from abroad to enjoy the country as a tourist spot as well as for permanent residence. If you decide to leave Russia or Russia, you may be eligible for an entry permit to Thailand through a pension program (age limit: up to 49 years) as part of the Tai elite program with VIP bonus at the rate of 65 000 dollars for five years. There are no incentives (only the residence permits) starting at fifteen thousand dollars.

Turkey is among the most desirable nations for immigration and the lives for expats coming of Russia as well as the CIS. In 2022, the nation will continue to offer an initiative to grant citizenship to invest in real estate worth 250,000 dollars, along with the highest taxes and the ikamet in the purchase of any property and business register. Turkey is not costly or inexpensive, it depends on the place and the cities within Turkey The choices are wide and will satisfy your requirements of those who appreciate quiet in the eastern horizon, as well as those who long for an immigration and a life of active living in the waters from one or more of the oceans (Mediterranean, Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean).

Spain (residence permiss for 500 million euros) The Republic of Cyprus (residence permit for 300 000 euros),

Bulgaria (residence permit beginning at 300 000 euros),

Greece (250 000 euros),

Malta (250 000 euros),

Hungary (amount not fixed),

Portugal (from 500 000 euros),

Great Britain (more than 1 million euros, a portion of which is part of the investment in the economic system),

The Principality of Andorra (from 400 thousand euros),

Turkey (from $250 thousands of dollars),

Countries of the Caribbean and Oceania (from 100 thousand euros),

Panama (from 250 000 euros),

Costa Rica (from 200 thousand dollars),

UAE (from the 98th thousand euro),

Malaysia (from 125 000 euros).


Cost-effective countries to obtain permanent residence that are not Russia by 2022 include: India, South Africa, Cuba, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Romania, Albania, Thailand, Bulgaria, Laos, Nepal, China, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Bali, Philippines. It is possible to accurately assess the quality of life and moving costs by studying statistics of the state and selecting a city to take permanent residency within Europe, Asia or America.


The choice of a nation to relocate depends not just on its economic growth however, it also depends on the reliability of the laws governing migration. Some countries restrict the entry of foreigners. Others are, in the opposite encourage tourists in all ways. A lot depends on the information inputs of the potential immigrant in terms of educational qualifications and education, as well as the level of his language and culture

What is the best way to leave Russia to become a permanent resident in 2022 in order to obtain refugee status? It is possible to quickly gain citizenship in any nation. The most important thing is to prove that you’re eligible for it. For well-off Russian families this isn’t an acceptable option. However, even for Ukrainian citizens who resided in an area of war, despite the serious danger to their lives and health the status is difficult to attain. There are very few who are fortunate enough to have it.


Not just Russia is a country that has compatriots across the world , but many countries with a problem with their demographics are prepared to provide advantages for the granting of citizenship to members of their country. The primary requirements are at the very least, a basic understanding of the language spoken by the their ancestors and possessing authentic documents that prove the nationality. It is therefore possible to relocate into Germany, Israel, Hungary, Greece, Poland.


If a Russian has set a target “I would like to move to the United States” He should be aware about the primary options available to carry out this goal. They are the ones that are which are viewed as distinct.


Emigration to work is the most popular option for those with no the money to invest in business ventures and a relationships with foreigners in the family. It is necessary to search for jobs through the Internet and then get in touch with potential employers yourself. A lot of employers offer requirements that must be met, such as the possession of a certificate of higher education, previous work experience in their native country and certain age restrictions and so on. If an employer is willing to hire a foreigner they prepare a bundle of documentation and submits it to Local Ministry of Interior. After the inspection are completed, the employee will be informed that he or she may begin applying for the work visa.

The marriage of a foreign national is the most convenient and speediest method to obtain a residence permit. However, the newlyweds will have to pass many tests and checks to verify the validity of their marriage clear. This is required to stop fake marriages. The degree of scrutiny is different between different countries and in certain cases, Interior Ministry officers come to your home and conduct an interview with the couple’s neighbors and relatives In other cases the couple must go through specific tests to establish how close the spouses are to one their spouses.

The option of family restoration is ideal for those with a close family member in another country. In the majority of cases, family reunification is used to ensure that immediate relatives including spouses, minor children and spouses can be transferred to the country of origin. In these situations the process is swift. Other candidates (brothers or sisters) are examined by the consul more long or are not even thought of at all.


World powers wish to unite their compatriots from all over the world Therefore, they offer specific conditions and programs to relocate those who are able to demonstrate their nationality. So, if someone is a national, relocation will be very easy and at a favorable cost.


Every state is willing to accept people who are willing to contribute to their economic development. Business immigration has grown very well across the globe. In order to do this, you’ll require lots of cash. Certain countries offer citizenship to citizens through the purchase of property for a specific amount.


Moving is a difficult business. Before taking the crucial action of submitting documents to visas, you have be prepared for your move using an easy procedure.


Compare both the advantages and disadvantages, and pick the best place to settle in.

Explore the possibilities and options of programs for migration from Russia Perhaps an appropriate one can be discovered.

Even in your own country to study a foreign language. It can be very difficult to move abroad without having the ability to speak the language.

Moving to a different country – real or fiction?

It is not always easy to arrange a move abroad, as the bureaucratic processes are difficult and create a lot of anxiety. It is possible to seek the assistance of specialized firms which offer assistance for moving out of Russia. It is true that the Internet contains a myriad of these companies, however it can be difficult to select a specific one. You must first look at the prices of several companies, then choose the most affordable review, read reviews from real customers and browse the official website of the firm and so on. It is crucial to understand the terms and conditions on which the transfer is carried out. If the company offers you an extensive set of documents or in general , illegally move to Russia and vice versa, it’s best not to begin working with the offer. To analyze the information provided, you must to understand the fundamentals of the laws governing migration in the country you are staying in.


Any of these legal rights allows you to live inside the state. Only difference are the time and the opportunities.


Residence permit (Permit to stay) can be described as a paper that explains the reason for living within the nation for an extended duration. It can be issued, for instance for those studying (study Residence permit) after the marriage of a citizen of this country (family residency permit) or for professional purposes (work residency permit).


The document usually is valid in the event that the reason of its issuance is valid. For instance, if the permit expires, without extension, the worker is required to return to his home country. A resident is able to purchase property and travel without visas in the other Schengen countries. For Austria and Spain the student residence permit permits you to bring your family members to the country, however the right to work alongside your spouse will not be granted.


Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) is the final step into the country. Once you’ve been living in a residence permit for five years, it is possible to apply for an indefinite permanent residence permit. The person who holds an indefinite leave of absence cannot vote or be employed in government. Citizenship is required to be able to do this.


Citizenship is a fully-fledged passport for another nation and is not any more or less than the passports of people who are natives. To be an European by a document it is necessary to reside inside the state for at least 10 years. The duration of your stay can vary based on the law of a specific nation. For instance spouses from foreign countries of Italians could apply to become citizens within two years after their marriage or in the event that the couple has children.


The most well-liked with Russian people are







In these countries, there are very comfortable living conditions of a normal person. There are many native Russians in the CIS countries. Schools and other educational institutions offering instructions in Russian are being established in the CIS countries.


The countries that are well-known among citizens in Russia are England and a few states from Central as well as Eastern Europe. For Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania it is much easier to obtain an residence permit. It is a pleasant environment, with a pleasant climate. However, when it comes to economic development, employment, and wages these are not the best states in Western Europe. It is true that Italy, Germany, France and other countries of the region, there is more money, however the costs are more expensive.


Which is the most suitable country for you to relocate to and reside in? Top 15

Many residents of that former Soviet Union resort to illegal or semi-legal methods to get into the EU. Most often, they are admitted on the basis of a tourist visa that is valid for a period of time, and then remain in the EU in a way that is illegal.


This route has virtually no chances. It could result in exile or even a prison sentence. In the end, it’s nearly impossible to obtain the Schengen visa.


It’s not hard to relocate to a new place:




Indonesia (Bali Island),


It is possible to live in the country for a long time with tourist and study visas. It’s easy to obtain these visas. The cost of renting and purchasing food, clothing, and housing are affordable.


A lot of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians travel to these countries during the winter season.


You can apply for a long-term visa that permits permanent residence in these countries. You are able to attend school there, and find an official job, or even start your own company.


Many Russian expatriates start businesses that are that are related to real estate or tourism since in these countries there are numerous tourists from Russia. A lot of citizens from CIS countries purchase property in Thailand or in the UAE and choose to utilize agents who speak Russian.


Check out the video that experts have made on how to go to India to enjoy winter in the country in 2021.


This is a good time to focus on countries with developed economies that are the main destinations for tourists from Russia travel, and thus need workers in the industry of tourism to have the ability to speak Russian language:





Investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs in the country’s economy , and experts with a high level of expertise can move to the country.


South Africa is a highly developed nation located on the African continent that requires skilled specialists. English is the main language spoken throughout the country.


In most countries it is relatively easy for wealthy businessmen and investors to get citizenship and residence permits. The emigrant’s net worth is likely to be in the many thousands dollars/euros in some countries, and even millions of dollars.


The most trustworthy countries to deposit money and beginning the business:










For this, you’ll need between 200 and 300 thousand euros.


The most straightforward option is to start a business and then move to Montenegro. For this, you must sign up a business, open an account with a bank and pay the minimal tax.


The most straightforward countries to migrate to Russia in 2021

It is the fastest and most convenient way to acquire an entry permit for residence and citizenship. If a person from outside the country is of national origin or was born in the country, or his parents lived in the country legally for a lengthy time, there’s an excellent chance of getting an easier residence permit.


Principal reasons for people to leave Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries by 2021

Emigration is always influenced by the need to find better living conditions overseas. This is particularly true for those from countries in which the economic and political situation is uncertain.


The residents of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries are more and more frequently leave their home countries to settle in countries with more hospitable environments for self-development and development.

The most important reasons for emigration are:

The chance to be employed in their field that is extremely difficult in their country of origin;

Good salaries;

Opening of a profitable and stable company;

social supportfor the social;

climate change

poor environmental conditions in Russia as well as many others CIS countries;

obtaining a sought-after education as well as the chance to secure an enviable job.

In Russia it’s difficult to purchase one’s own property, run a steady company, and also get an excellent job. Social security is abysmal. Pensions, allowances, and benefits are all low.


Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions.


Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Uganda, Sudan, Germany, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Iran have recently received the majority of refugees.


It’s not always the case. However, if a person from a different country goes to work, having a good understanding of the language can be useful. Otherwise, he’ll be offered just low-paying, hard-working jobs.


Criminal record, prior offenses within the nation of origin in which the applicant has been falsely or incorrectly completed documents, no confirmation of reasons, fictitious marriages financial insolvency, threat in the national security, insufficient request for asylum in the political sphere. The list of possible reasons could be extended, and depending on the circumstances.


To be able to enter the state, the Russian doesn’t require the approval of a visa. There are several programs that are available to migrants:


If you are married. This is the simplest method to live within Costa Rica. Also, it allows you to work.

For renters. One can apply for the residence permit by himself or with a family member. To get this permit, you must present a proof of guaranteed monthly income of not less than $1,000 or a sum of $ 60,000 in your accounts. The authorities are able to protect themselves from having to sustain or deport citizens who are poor.

For those buying real property. Residence permits are given to those who buy local real estate that is worth 10 , million rubles. It is true that this has to be rental property or the subsequent sale.

For pensioners. It is required to present documents that confirm the security of pensioners throughout his life. This is because for pensioners who enroll in this program are prohibited to work.

7 countries that are the best to move to from Russia where you can apply for permanent residency (video)

Another popular country to Russians to move in is Vietnam. It’s interesting to note that not all of our fellow citizens go there permanently. The so-called “winter staycations” are more frequent in this country. Similar is true for Indonesia. The reason for this is the climate. In both countries, it’s so humid and hot that the majority of people aren’t able to live to endure over six years in these conditions.


Moving to Vietnam to live permanently requires the submission of a certain number of documents. The residence permit is granted after you have found employment, establish an organization using your savings or purchase shares in an Vietnamese company (at at least one percent or more of total). The permit is in effect for three years.

Residence permits up to 5 years are granted on the basis of marriage to an American citizen or a citizen from the nation. For this, getting a residency permits requires proficiency in Vietnam’s Vietnamese spoken language and permanent residency in Vietnam for five years, and no criminal records. The birth of an infant in Vietnam is not a guarantee of right to citizenship.

Moving abroad to obtain a permanent residency permits comes with many expenses. You will need to finance your house, sell vehicles and other expensive items to get the maximum amount and as swiftly as is possible cash to relocate. If you don’t have such chance, you will need to look at things differently and search for low-cost alternatives. These are the three top countries where it’s relatively simple to make the move to Russian without spending a huge amount.


Thailand. The country is regarded as an affordable destination for vacation However, in recent years it has been noticed that a number of Russians are thinking seriously about Thailand as a place where it’s plausible to migrate to permanently reside. The climate, culture and low-cost living conditions are appealing to people who wish to escape the troubles in their home country. However, as per the feedback of Russians who have made the decision to relocate to the United States, all of them face the issue of finding work. It’s nearly impossible to get a job in Russia except for experts with high-quality qualifications who are needed by the country. Some who quit work in Russia.


Immigration to Sweden

Sweden Kingdom of Sweden has grown to become the most sought-after destination for immigration due to a variety of reasons:


Education that is free and high quality;

Health care for free;

the highest standard of living

The native population is tolerant of people towards newcomers;

high salaries;

A good amount of eco-friendly.

It’s not surprising that a lot of Russians are considering the move to Sweden. Refugees from Russia cannot be considered, Sweden does not recognize countries from that were part of the Soviet Union as potentially dangerous and seldom grants refugees the status of. The only possibility to gain refugee status could be being targeted for persecution due to being a member of a sexual minority.


To be a citizen of Sweden the person must be legally in the country for a minimum of 5 years. The waiting period is less for refugees and for those who have been who are married to an Swedish citizen.


Immigration to Canada

Canada as well as Sweden is among the countries that are most welcoming to people who want to live, study and work within its borders. This is why Russian migration to Canada is a regular occurrence. Canada is a multi-ethnic country and if you decide to live there for the duration of your life and you want to stay, you don’t have to sacrifice your cultural values. Children born in Canada receive automatically Canadian citizenship. The parent’s nationality doesn’t play any role. A person who is an adult can become a Canadian citizen after three years of having received their permanent residence.


What is it that makes Canada attracted such a large number of Russians? A high quality of life Social security, high-quality medical services, almost no crime, and great living conditions make this nation an excellent environment to live in. A stable economic environment, affordable medical treatment, and a well-developed infrastructure, and a good quality of life are all achieved through paying high taxes to the workers. However, taxpayers can see how authorities have utilized the money that they have collected. In addition, Canada is one of the few countries that allow immigrants from Russia without any obstacles.


Immigration to Switzerland

Switzerland is among the safest and most secure nations in which the inhabitants are quite affluent. The average life expectancy (compared to the other European nations) is among the highest. This is not due to an advanced medical system as well as the climate of the region. The majority from the Swiss population is migrants out of the 8.6 million inhabitants living in Switzerland only 900,000 are considered to be native Swiss. Switzerland is not the most convenient country to migrate from Russia. It’s quite difficult to become a citizen – you have to stay in the country for a period of 12 years. However, you are able to legally reside in Switzerland by obtaining an interim and permanent residency permit. To get this, you need to either work or attend any of the Swiss universities and later be employed or becoming an investor.


Despite the numerous benefits that come with living in Switzerland however, many have noticed that life in Switzerland can be boring and monotonous (except in the capital city) There aren’t any big cities that offer a lot of entertainment. The majority of the population are older people.


Immigration to Australia

The lifestyle in Australia has always attracted Russian Emigrants to Australia with high levels of climate, great conditions and excellent opportunities. The benefits that come with living in Australia are:


Stability in the economy;

Cleanliness of urban facilities;

High life expectancy;

Health services of high quality;

exceptionally low crime rate;

excellent infrastructure;

High wages.

The most significant benefit of Australia for those who have is considering moving to live in another country is the speedy process of gaining citizenship. Once you have completed one year of residence in Australia, you are able to apply for to become an citizen of Australia. Australian citizenship offers a wide range of possibilities as the country has visa-free relations with numerous other countries.


Alongside the benefits mentioned above, it is also possible to find as well as disadvantages. These include the high cost of food items, the quality of which is average. Additionally, Australia has a problem with water that is fresh. Another issue for the new Australian newcomers is the inflated cost of products, services purchasing and renting. The tax imposed on wages of employees is quite expensive.


Australia ranks as one of the warmest countries to emigrate from Russia. However, it’s due to the climate that is which are also a important drawback: the intense sun that can cause skin cancer. Although doctors at home can cure the disease, only a few people will sacrifice their health to move to Russia. Another issue is the shabby geographic position of Australia which makes it a long way from other nations. For instance the flight between Moscow to Europe is much more efficient than a flight from Australia to Europe.




Immigration to Germany

Germany is a country that is developed in every sense The high quality of the roads, medicine and education are of a high standard. These advantages contribute to the mass movement of foreigners into the central part of Europe. The high quality of life for citizens of the country is directly tied to the payment of taxes that are high. It is a fact that the German taxes are complex and the tax rate is based directly on your monthly income and the marital status. People who are not married and come to Germany to earn money are required to pay a significant portion of their earnings to the state’s treasury. For instance, an immigrant earning 8.5 EUR/hour will actually earn 6 EUR/h after deduction of taxes. In Germany immigrants earn approximately 1500 euros per month, while Germans make EUR2,500 (figures with no the deduction for tax). However the large tax revenues ensure an efficient infrastructure within Germany and ensure the safety for all segments of the populace.


Despite a weakened economy caused by restriction on quarantine, the nation remains an international top performer in the field of advanced manufacturing and technological advancement, medical care as well as education and social security to its residents. The market for domestic consumption is filled with high-quality and affordable products and the living standards are one of the highest anywhere in the world. There are many opportunities to develop a company or find a lucrative job. American society is diverse in its composition within the nation which is why it is open and accommodating to people from various countries.


The country is holding its spot in the top five of the most advanced countries around the globe. It is easy for Russians. Food and climate are a common occurrence, and the society is welcoming. The country has low unemployment, high salaries in the country, well-developed culture and sports and education is regarded as to be among the top worldwide. In terms of medicine every immigrant can avail the facilities of public institutions for absolutely no cost.


One of the smallest population-rich states in the world is now attracting Russians due to its clean environment as well as its economic stability, virtually no crime, and high salaries. Despite its dry, hot climate Australia is known for its longevity that is due in large part to the high-quality medicine.


The primary reason to consider it is the possibility of obtaining citizenship in as short as one year. Because Australia has visa-free agreements with a variety of nations, it provides an opportunity that is truly amazing.


The country is one of the most developed European states, with the most efficient roads and the strongest economy of the European Union. There are many advantages to this country, including stable political system, low unemployment as well as high wages, high-quality education, social security and medical care, excellent infrastructure.


The peace and friendliness of Germans are easy to integrate into the local culture as well as their shrewdness and punctuality will give them the possibility to make the transition to a the new lifestyle.


A true treasure of the past Europe. Austria is well-known for its history incredible monuments, stunning architecture and famous ski resorts. The country is well-maintained and comfortable to reside in. People who emigrate from all over the globe, it is a magnet for an extremely high amount of economic activity as well as a lack of bureaucracy. healthcare that is free until you reach adulthood.


This is the time to welcome Russians who wish to improve their living standards and join the vast cultural heritage. The Russian diaspora living in the country includes over 300,000 members. The ability to speak German language has helped them adjust to the local culture.


The top countries to move out of Russia

The land filled with lakes and unspoiled nature draws not only visitors as well as everyone who is looking to earn decent money, enjoy social security and an adequate pension. The quality of life in Finland is much higher than the majority of European states, while crimes and corruption are almost nonexistent. There is always a shortage of skilled workers however, untrained labor is as well-paid.


The Finnish government is responsible for the adjustment of newcomers. Social services assist in adjusting to local conditions and resolve common problems. It’s your decision how quickly you’ll “settle into”.




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