U.S. Investor Visa: New Conditions for Immigration under the EB-5 Program


U.S. Investor Visa: New Conditions for Immigration under the EB-5 ProgramRussians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Europeans are now in high-ranking positions in the general line in the queue for applicants for the U.S. investors visa. The U.S. is accelerating the process for their EB-5 applications. In April 2020 applicants from these countries have been given priority. The reasons why the first world economy has changed the course of its history in its bureaucratic system and the intricate process of selecting the right visas to allow for a smoother transition into the United States read our piece.

The Investor Visa for the United States

The EB-5 Investment program is in operation for over 30 years. It permits foreigners to obtain an U.S. green card by creating at minimum 10 job opportunities and investing substantial capital into the health in the United States.


The end of November The EB-5 requirements were changed. In particular the minimum investment was raised to $900,000 (previously $5000). According to the rules that the programme is governed by, this is the amount that is required to be given to a new commercial venture. And it has to be situated in a specific location such as in areas of high unemployment , or in rural regions. The list of areas is approved by the government authorities for the nation.


Another possibility for getting an immigration visa is the option to make an investment into a brand new or troubled company that is not dependent on the location In this instance, the minimum investment amount is the amount of $ 1.8 million (previously $1 million).


It is important to note that in comparison to other countries that have similar standards of living and living standards, it is the U.S. has a fairly low amount of money needed to purchase the residence permit.

Additionally the program, called EB-5 the program, there is an option that allows the capital could be completely paid back in 5-7 years and the interest rate is at the same rate that is the rate of deposit at the bank.


The EB-5 Visa Process

The duration of processing I-526 petitions under applicants to the EB-5 program is between 15 and 18 months, some cases can go even two years. However it appears that the U.S. Immigration Service has taken the decision to cut it down to a first-in basis. This is a first in, first out. This applies to foreigners who reside in states in which there are no lines for visas for the American investors visa. Petitions submitted by the citizens from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and European countries that don’t choose to use the annual limit of 7 percent from the total amount of 10 000 green cards will get priority.


The people from the Asian region typically have a longer wait time than other regions as they are able to select the entire limit for a number of years. These are people in India and China which have more than one billion and those of Vietnamese as well as Koreans that are currently in high demand for permanent residence within America. United States. For instance according to U.S. State Department, there are currently more than 32,000 petitions for EB-5 from Chinese investors waiting to get the right visa. It can take up to 16 years to allow the PRC applicant to obtain an green card.


A person who participates in the green-card program to invest in the U.S. economy will be granted residency for two years. Then, they are granted another five years. After seven years of having received the green card you are eligible to apply for the U.S. passport.


The most suitable for children

Capitalists have various motives for moving into America. United States. For many, it’s essential to move to a country that offers a higher quality of life. The first economy of the world provides the chance to create an open and honest enterprise with clear guidelines. And it is no surprise that the majority of people – more than 75% would like their children to attend the top private schools around the globe.


Which of the possibilities for emigrating in America? Which of the options to move to United States is best suited to you? Discuss this with the experts at Migronis


For several years, the United States holds a stable place among the top 10 nations to learn in. Parents with capital of $1 million or more, decide to let their children do not have a studying visa F1 and it’s an EB-5. It grants the status of a resident, which can help in gaining admission to universities that are public. For instance for the University of Michigan, one of the top such universities in the country, a year of tuition for local students is 18,000 while for students from abroad – 37,000. At the point that the child earns their bachelor’s degree in the future, the savings to the family budget can be as high as $76,000. For UCLA in California master’s and doctoral degrees are around $17,000 per year for residents in the state, and $32,000 for students who are outside of the state.

This is not the only benefits of an investor visa.

In the case of the F1 Student visa a student has just 3 months to find work and find a job and then modify the type of visa you are using. You have six choices available here:

H1B work permit for up to six years if employed by an U.S. employer;

O1 – for someone who has exceptional skills in education, science or business, art or sports. It is usually issued to support a particular project and is recognized by world-class figures of famous;

You can take another F1 and keep studying but not to the max, and not to establish a career.

You can get married or have your wedding ceremony with one of the American (first you need a K-3 visa, and then an interim green card and, if you can prove that the wedding isn’t fake, you can apply for citizenship);

You can seek asylum if you have compelling reasons for it;

With the green card EB-5 investor as well as a work-marketable diploma you can find a suitable job at a major firm and settle to the nation.

Find out about the best visas for education and visas for children in this article: Why it is vital for children to obtain an American green card USA at the earliest time?

Every parent takes a look at the most suitable option to provide their children with the best possible care. In contrast to other options looking at the best looks American investor visas with the possibility of citizenship. A major benefit is that the person applying is not the only person within the program, while all members of the family can receive an identity card.


Passive EB-5 Investment

It’s not unusual to see parents gift an amount of EB-5 to their applicant son. He is issued an apartment permit and the members of his immediate family are able to move in with the applicant at any time upon an application for family reunion.


There is a second question how to invest to avoid difficult, as one must learn rather than follow the business. Repayment of the full amount of $900,000 for 5-7 years is an essential requirement when you start an enterprise. Both conditions offer the possibility for investing into the venture by way of regional centers. It is a private entity acting as an intermediary between a international investor as well as the creator of the business venture.


As of November 19, 2019 for the EB-5 visa, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has decreased the number of regional centers. The areas that allow investors to take part with no investment been cut. Additionally, the service has increased the quality of every new developer business plan’s approval. The service is now not approving as many of these. Based on the statements of authorities the purpose of this is to protect the rights of foreign investorsand to guard against fraud using their money.


Verify the reliability

EB-5 Participants in the program were warned to choose their partners from the regional centres and development companies. For instance, if, for example, the major U.S. bank gave a loan to finance a business this means that they assessed the creditworthiness of the lender.

When choosing the regional center of your choice it is essential to know the details


how long the business has been in operation;

The regional center must be included on the list of centers that have been approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services;

How many of the most successful projects (with the full return of capital to investors) are already completed?

The failure of any project and the reasons for the reason for their failure.

How long did it take investors to receive their money back?

How many investor green cards were granted in the course of the center?

if the business is in the middle of legal or other issues with its reputation;

Who is the programmer, and who is the developer, what experiences they have with similar projects;

What is the financing structure of the venture (ideally when the developer’s stake in the venture is between 25 and 30 percent of its own assets and funds);

How quickly, with detail and with concreteness, the regional center responds the demands of investors.

Find out how to choose an area center or the business plan.


The funding provided by a regional center is basically an investment that is passive in an enterprise project. It is the preferred option for 90% of EB-5 applicants. Following all formalities have been completed, once the funds have been transferred, the citizen of another country is able to easily obtain the papers for the green card application. The regional center supervises the progress of the business plan as well as the investor’s interest. The central center’s duties will be fulfilled once the investor returns all of the investment and the immigration department will issue a five-year residency permit.


Making the move into America U.S. for the businessman

If the past experiences of the education visas for children opportunities to study in U.S. are clear, what are the alternatives for EB-5 that are for entrepreneurs?

If you are deciding on the best option to obtain legal residency to the U.S., first of all, you must check the state of the bank account of the applicant for the visa. To be eligible for a visa investment, you need to have at least $100,000 your available. That’s the amount amount required to obtain an L-1 immigration visa. The applicant must also to:

A company must have been in operation for at least three years without the U.S;

Create an U.S. branch of the firm;

Be a manager for that subsidiary;

officially transfer from the former business to the current U.S. company;

The creation of jobs can create many.

It is important to determine prior to time the success of your business become when operating in the U.S. setting, and what are the threats.


The citizens of 80 countries that are part of a treaty and the U.S., there is an immigration visa for non-immigrants E-2. This permits entrepreneurs to reside and work in the U.S., investing in an American business. When the company grows and capital increases it is possible to switch to an EB-1C that is working. It’s designed to allow for the transfer to the United States in order to secure permanent residency for the valuable managerial and administrative employees of multinational companies. And you have the option to apply for EB-5 and then receiving an green card.


Russia and Belarus aren’t listed included on the official list of states in which E-2 is accessible. The citizens of these states are able to apply for a visa for instance, by the process of registering citizenship in Grenada. The passport program in this Caribbean nation will resolve the issue in just three to five months. The required minimum investment that is non-refundable starts beginning at $150,000. If you’re looking to earn your money back, or even earn some money, the best option is to invest for five years at a cost of 220,000 in real property on an Caribbean island.

Keep in mind taxes


The registration of EB-5 as well as working L-1, and investor E-2 permits the entire family to relocate to the U.S. legally. Be aware that, as per U.S. rules, you are able to become a tax-resident even before you have the green card and passport. Anyone with B1/B2 visas who have come in America for three years consecutively when they were within the United States for more than 120 consecutive days in the course of one of these trips could be placed in the eyes by the IRS.


Planning for your move can help guard against the hassle of a tax audit. Tax lawyers can guide you on the best method to document all your assets prior to moving. The tax attorney will also suggest ways to safeguard the foreigner’s property and capital abroad.


The process of immigration can make your life better. It’s worth considering all your personal factors. A basic calculation in conjunction with a tax advisor can allow you to save on large tax payments. Migronis can assist you in getting the advice of a professional legal professional who is based in the US. The full support is provided on request, from the preparation of documents, to obtaining the required permits to reside in the country.


When there is a clearly defined purpose, reliable partners, and a clear picture about the procedure, they are the key ingredients to successful. Migronis consultants are on hand to answer any questions.



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