The immigration process to Czech Republic: what is required and how can we expedite the process?



Every year, thousands of Russians choose to relocate to the US. One of the main motives is their professional interest. In the Czech Republic, you can live and work as scientists engineers, doctors programmers, musicians, and other professional who have made it big. Another common reason for bringing people from other countries to Czech Republic is the desire to start their own business in Europe in addition to having the possibility of continuing their education in the Czech Republic. Foreigners who are seeking to move to the Czech Republic (especially coming from Russia) are drawn to the high standard of living in the Czech Republic, the beautiful environment, the quality of healthcare and related services, and also the geographical location right in the middle of Europe.


It is the first time you can apply for a long-term visa.

To arrange the process in the most thorough manner, to resolve every business issue or to take classes within the nation, you need to remain in the country for a longer time. To accomplish this, you must obtain a visa for a long-term stay of 90 days. The law permits its issuance in the event of a particular reason:


The process of obtaining a visa for long-term students to pursue studies.

The long-term visa is required for family reunion.

The process of obtaining a long-term business visa (for members or founders of legal entities within this country).

The process of obtaining a long-term visa is by relying on an current working visa (employment card).

The review of documents following submission may take up to 60 days, and possibly more.


In order to obtain a Residence permission (Residence Permit)

If the person who holds a long-term visa believes that a move into Czech Republic Czech Republic was the right choice, and wishes to stay for more than a year, then he is required to apply for a residence permit. To do this, you need a place to stay (at at the very least, rented).


The grounds for obtaining a temporary residency permit are:

Permit to work (green or blue )).

Registering your company and obtaining the business card.

Research and scientific activities.

Learning activities.

Family members who live permanently with their families in Czech Republic (immigration for family reunion).

To obtain the residence permit you will need to present a passport with a current photograph, bank statement of account as well as its monthly replenishment amount of at least 116 Euros per individual Criminal record certificate, insurance, tax declaration and documents of rent ownership. Fingerprints are also required.


Temporary residence permits are issued for a period of 1 or 2 years. To extend the temporary residence permit, applicants must submit a request at the local police station not less than 120 days before the expiration date. The cost for extension is an amount that is SEK 1,500. It is essential to be aware of that your passport’s validity, as how long your Visa is valid will depend on it.

Permanent residence permits (Permit to stay)

This document is available to those who have resided in the country for more than five years using the residence permit in addition to those from Czech descent, who were reunited with their family members or adopted an adopted Czech child. People who apply for the permanent residence permit are required to pass a test in Czech and prove their competence (at at least A2).


The documents required are:




up-to-date photos;

Documentation of the reasons why you are being in the country (e.g. evidence of family ties to citizens or employment contract, study agreements);

Statements of earnings, exclusion of criminal record

evidence of the accommodation.

The permanent residency permit as well as the passport that is a corresponding national one provides the foreigner with all the rights as the Czech citizenship (except for the elections). The following step for people who choose to be a resident of the country to become a citizen.


Let’s begin with the most important issue how do I apply for a green or blue card?

Since 2014 it has been the case that since 2014, the Czech Republic has a work card for foreigners that is able to be used to stay in the country that has the status of residency (residence permission). Through a stringent procedure and creating the required document set that foreigners from countries outside the EU (not not from outside the European Union) are able to obtain for a employment (employment) card. It’s a universal document which replaces the residence permit issued in the Czech Republic and the right to work. In the past, applicants required an employment permit, and then apply for the residence permit.


The card comes with an expiration date of 2 years, with the option to renew it and, in turn it is a right to get permanent residency after five year in the Czech Republic. The new card was a replacement for the green card that was previously given to foreign workers who had poor qualification. For foreigners with a high level of education continue to use blue cards with a range benefits over the traditional work cards (for example, it grants automatic permission to remain within Europe to stay for an extended duration of duration). The Blue Card in general is a program that is part of the European Union aimed at facilitating the transfer of foreign professionals.


Conditions are required for the Blue Card

To be able to live and work in the Czech Republic without obtaining a special work permit, you have to present a certificate of high school or secondary education that is specialized (provided that the course was at minimum 3 years).


The sequence of registration for work visas:


If you find a business with vacancies, listed in the Central Register that is maintained by the Ministry of Labor of the Czech Republic and is able to sign a contract of employment. The contract’s wage cannot be less that the wage minimum wage in the Czech Republic (currently 9,900 CZK) and you cannot work under 15 hours per workweek.

Make a rental agreement housing (if you don’t currently have real estate assets located in the Czech Republic).

Do nostrification – a declaration of your studies at an institution of higher learning in the Czech Republic and (or) relevant work experiences (there are some distinctions dependent on the area of expertise).

The applicant fills in an application to be granted of a work visa.

You can get a copy of your criminal record at the location where you live.

The documents (in Czech) to the Consulate of the Czech Republic at your place of your residence. You are granted a visa for a time not exceeding 90 days.

Within 3 days following your entry into the Czech Republic you apply to the Department of Migration Policy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic at the location of registration to get an ID card for work.

Then you’ll have the authority to begin performing your work. And you’ve got a credit card with biometric information that you can use for two years. The job (employment) card is able to allow both you and family members of yours to social benefits like child support, maternity benefits and more.

In the event that you as a student decide to alter the reason for your visit and want to apply for an employment card, you simply attach the official certificate of study to the document set and then mark the document in the form (zadatel ma volny, vstup the prace dle trh SS 98). Then you will be issued a dual work card, which is not required to undergo the process of obtaining a work permit to claim a position that is not claimed.


If you’ve made the decision to move to Europe take note that this process will require patience, planning and experience. And even at this point of preparation , it’s better to seek the assistance of experts who are familiar with all instructions and the nuances. Facilitate smooth immigration to the Czech Republic experts DoMyTax. We do not just deal with financial issues and also serve as your expert advisor on questions that concern immigration.



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