The 13 countries that are the most appealing to emigrate to



If someone is in need of to change his life, he starts looking for opportunities to try something new or to eliminate the old. To find an improved life or new possibilities Ukrainians become more and more likely to migrate to other countries to seek permanent living. This includes America, Australia, and Europe. There aren’t many options that Ukrainian citizens can gain perspectives. Here is some countries our fellow Ukrainians are increasingly opting to relocate to.

  1. United States of America

The USA are the third largest nation in the world. It is known for its many possibilities and perspectives. America is democratic and tolerant In every region of this vast country, immigrants can find a comfortable corner to call their own. Every year, the number Ukrainians who came to America for permanent and temporary residence is around 250 thousand. For all citizens who are granted citizenship they have the same rights given to the people who are native to the country. The only one exception is the right vote, however this part is logical and doesn’t make for a lot of controversy.

To be to become a U.S. citizen, you could take one of the following options:

Family bonds are ties to U.S. citizens (marriage, the birth of a child);

education (get an employment visa when you complete your studies, and then remain for a while in U.S.);

Political asylum;

Military service of one year or more


residence at America U.S. from 5 years with a green card

annual Green Card lottery to relocate to the United States (available at

To get citizenship, you must be able to pass the English language test, and also the test of understanding of the structure and history in the United States.


  1. Canada

The country is known for its diaspora. Canada has always been a welcoming place for Ukrainians and has provided them with employment opportunities, an enjoyable life, and basic rights. According to estimates that were released in 2016, there were more than 120,000 Ukrainians that resided in Canada. And that’s not the entire population.

The conditions in which you can apply for citizenship in Canada:


Political asylum;

Professional immigration.

In order to be able to apply for citizenship, you have to be able to pass a test of the language spoken by Canada, Canadian history, and its economic and political structure. The majority of the documents yourself. Thus, the cost for an permanent residence visa for adults is $200, and for children – $100. In addition, you have to pay for the tests in the language as well as postage for all forms of documentation.


  1. Germany

In recent times, there has been a steady flow of Ukrainians Ukraine looking for an opportunity to work part-time in Germany. And this isn’t surprising. The country is stable in its economy that is constantly in need of human resources. However, certain Ukrainians who have been to Germany once, would like to go back to Germany and even stay for a long time.

There are many methods to attain German citizenship:

Study visas;

Political asylum;

work visa;

A profitable business

wedding to the wife of a German citizen;

EU Blue Card;


German or Jewish ancestral ancestry to Third tribe.

To be eligible for citizenship, you must meet the minimum requirements that are required, you must have resided for a minimum of 5 years in Germany for at least five years and have a clean visa history, stable financial backing. In this scenario you must apply to the BAMF to take a test of your language and also a history test.


  1. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a centre of education and morals, culture, and professional growth. This is precisely the way Ukrainians consider this country. Czech Republic. In the present, about 100,000 of our fellow Ukrainians reside in this amazing nation.

To become citizens in Czech Republic, you must: Czech Republic, you can avail one of the following opportunities:

Business immigration;

Study with one or more universities

family reunification



To be eligible for citizenship, the following documents need to be presented at the immigration center The following documents must be submitted: proof of the need to be a citizen (invitation to study or work wedding certificate, invitation to work or study. ) passport, proof of residency within the Czech Republic, certificates of financial and criminal records and medical insurance. You must pass the Czech test of history and language.


  1. Great Britain

One of the most ancient and well-developed nations in Europe The monarchical Britain is appealing due to its sophistication, its developed sectors of agriculture and industry morality, and respect for human rights. In 2016, it was estimated that 3000 Ukrainians reside in this country. To become a part of Her Majesty’s Majesty, you must have been within Great Britain for 4 years or longer.

The conditions that apply to British citizens are granted citizenship include:

Professional immigration;

subsidiary business;

Study visas;

wedding to the daughter of a Briton;

Talented individuals (artists writers, athletes musicians, etc. ).

The request is made for naturalization analysis, and then the process of analyzing naturalization is conducted as is the assessment of the proficiency in the language (it is possible to learn by a person or “pulled up” through this program ESOL and citizenship) and the history of Great Britain is passed.


  1. Spain

Many will find the citizenship requirements in Spain unfair or discriminatory. One thing is for sure that Ukrainians are longing for Spain for stability, growth in their careers and the aspects of Europe.


Spanish citizenship is granted in the following conditions:

The acquisition of real property worth 160 000 euros.

The union of the spouse of a Spanish citizen;

Reunification of families;

seeking asylum on the basis of political conviction;

Blood ties to indigenous Spaniards (proved by archives documents).

The procedure to become naturalised is contingent upon having resided in Spain for at least 10 years, having a clear visa history, not having a criminal record, and having a valid registration with the municipal authorities. Naturally the tests for language and historical-political are also taken into consideration.

  1. Australia

A remote, obscure, and shut Australia is known for having one of the most high living standards anywhere in the world. It is always a good time in Australia, and to stay in the same place for a lifetime, as per many, is nearly impossible.

To be able to become a citizen of Australia it is possible to consider one of the following conditions:

professional emigration

wedding to a citizen the country

immigration under the most basic category of independent (at 50 ), with a basic understanding of English and an education in the field of work from Australia).

It is essential to take into consideration the additional expenses which are on the shoulders of those who wish to attain citizenship. They include state charges including postage, notary services as well as fees for testing and medical tests.


  1. Dominican Republic.

The days of it was believed that the Dominican Republic was perceived solely as a tourist destination. The arrival of immigrants is gradually “taking the reigns” the Dominican Republic. One reason could be the acceptance of the local authorities for dual citizenship. This means that renunciation of one’s Ukrainian roots isn’t necessary.

The right to citizenship in the Dominican Republic is granted after having passed the language and historical tests for:

Investors (with an impact on the economy of at least $200,000);


He was married to a citizen of the Republic of

In the country for seven years or more, with the visa in good standing.

  1. Latvia

It is a country where time and time is untouched by crises: a remarkable background as a member of the European Union, high wages. All of this draws Ukrainians from Ukraine to Latvia. As of now, 51 576 of our fellow Latvians reside here.

The right to citizenship in Latvia is granted under the following conditions:

the purchase of real estate


Students are studying at one of Latvia’s universities. Latvia.

To obtain permanent residence permit for those aged who are 15 or older, you must reside in Latvia for at least 5 years old, pass the test for language proficiency and background of the country and provide a proof of the legal basis for income, and then renounce your prior citizenship.


  1. Israel

A world-class center of medical research A strong army with a rich and diverse culture. Israel draws a lot of Ukrainians. The government of Ukraine was invited to meet with its sworn brothers and then passed legislation “On Returned”.

Citizenship in Israel is possible under those conditions

Jewish origins from the third tribe

The union of an American citizen;

The birth of a child is an American citizen;

the process of naturalization (residence at least 3 year or longer, knowing Hebrew and renunciation of prior citizenship);

conferment (receiving recognition for services rendered to the nation).

  1. Poland

In 2016, Poland is a surprisingly populous destination for Ukrainians to move to and to find jobs. They visit their neighbors during the summer months, during six months, and for one year. And they are there for all of the year. There are now around 250.000 Ukrainians who live in Poland.

To get the right to citizenship Poland you must meet one of the following conditions:

inheritance rights;

wedding (with 3 years of residence);

investment (residence for two years or more);

Political asylum;

residency for 10 years and a steady legal income.

In order to apply for citizenship, applicants must pay a tax on state services of 219 PLN.


  1. Cyprus

A warmand resort-like country in the Mediterranean is renowned for its tourism industry. However, financial stability attracts Ukrainians even more, which is the reason they travel to Cyprus. The island is visited by Cyprus each year more frequently. There are currently anywhere from 4 to 5 thousands of Ukrainians living on Cyprus.


The requirements for obtaining the citizenship of Cyprus are determined by:

Visa for study;

purchasing real property (from 300 000 euros);

Investment flow (from the 5 million euro mark);

Naturalization (knowledge of the spoken language ) and the time of residence of seven years).

  1. Hungary

Our neighbor offers Ukrainians to work or rest for a short-term or permanent stay. There are around 5 000 Ukrainians living in Hungary in 2016. The state recognizes dual citizenship, making it easier to obtain an opportunity to stay permanently.

Hungarian citizenship is an option to acquire:

People who reside in Hungary starting at age 8;

the guardianship of children of Hungary;

large investors;


People who are holders of an “blood” rights (repatriation).

To get citizenship, one has to pass a written test on proficiency in the language and Hungarian Constitution, and a certification for legal and official income, and the availability of registered housing.



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