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To relocate to Spain and to live there is an intelligent and well-thought out choice. A lot of Russians have, due to various reasons and reasons, who moved to Spain, were able to “get used to” and remain.


However, there are those who moved to Spain and could not stay in Spain, and then returned to their home country. What is the reason for this? What is the reason? to live in an idyllic European country? What kinds of challenges can immigrants in Spain? What are the conditions for illegal immigrants and what’s the risk of illegally staying? How do you define permanent residency?


Let’s take a look at all things in order.

A bit of historical background. Spain

Spain has given the world the artists El Greco and Velazquez, Picasso and Dali as well as the writer Cervantes and Columbus, the wanderer Columbus.


The official title is the Kingdom of Spain. The state is located in the southwest of Europe situated in the Pirine peninsula. The state is part of both the European Union and NATO.


It is bordered by Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It shares border that connect Portugal, France, Andorra and Gibraltar. Spain is home to The Balearic as well as the Canary Islands, and part of the Moroccan coast.


The name of the country comes directly from Phoenician “i-spanim” which means “the coastline of the rabbits”.


The capital city is Madrid. The type of administration is constitutional monarchy. The president is the King (Philip VI from 2014) However, the nation is controlled by the prime minister.

The official language of the country is Spanish. The money unit is the euro.

The food, automotive apparel, and textile industries are built in Spain.

Today , in Spain There are twelve auto-assembling companies and 17 factories.

This includes the factories: Nissan, Mercedes, General Motors, Renault, Volkswagen, Ford, Iveco, Peugeot, Citroen.

However, the most well-known Spanish automobile brand is SEAT.

The country is full of vineyards. Almonds, olives and orange fruits, peaches persimmons, figs, pomegranate are harvested.

Based on these results from the international competition for wine named “Decanter World Wine Awards 2017”. Nine Spanish wineries made the cut to make it into the top ten. Spain was awarded the title of the “homeland” of the finest wines in the world.

Vina Olabarri, Bikandi, Reserva, Rioja, 2005 is the top wine around!

The country is home to the second highest amount of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.

One of them are Burgos Cathedral, the architectural ensemble of the Alhambra as well as the old city of Avila and Bridge of Biscay and more.

Russian-speaking immigrants to Spain began at the start of the 90s. It was a time of increased earnings, as many people travelled to work abroad.

Most construction workers, untrained workers, and technical intellectuals quit. In the 1990s, things were much simpler.

The possibility was there to obtain an employment illegally, with the approval of the Spanish authorities.

Today, this route is becoming less more bleak.

The Government has altered its policy towards the issue of illegals . It has also sharply up to several thousand euro higher sanctions for companies who employ foreign workers without a permit.

For 2020, obtaining a visa to Spain isn’t as simple. Then you arrive and that’s that (we’re in no way talking about tourist at this point). And there’s where the challenges start – getting a residency permit, finding work opening an account, and so on.

If you’re an undergraduate, things are much simpler.

Apply for with a student visa, learn and, after that, submit a request for residence in Spain.

But what if you could not start moving at a young age?

You may need to relocate your family members with children parents.

Let’s be clear – it’s feasible. Let’s take a look at the four major options for obtaining an immigration permit, which are safe and reliable.


Strategies to Immigrate to Spain

To relocate to Spain It is recommended to use only legal methods for moving. Before we tell you about these options, we’ll discuss one possible option for immigration, that exists in the United States, but is referred to here as “fate is what it brings”.


The marriage of one who is a Spanish citizen. To be married to an Spaniard (Spanish women) you’ll need only a few documents. The process to obtain an residence permit or a marriage permit is fairly easy.


If you do not, it is recommended to employ these strategies:

Study visas in Spain

This is possibly one of the best methods to relocate to Spain however, it will cost you some cash.

If you pay for your tuition to an institution of higher education or a university and you have enough money to stay in Spain for one year, purchase insurance and apply for a visa D.

If , after one year of studying and living you decide to keep the life you have lived in Spain You do not have to leave the country. You are able to extend and obtain a second student residencywhile staying in Spanish territory.

After three extensions and continuous residency for three consecutive years Spain After three extensions, you are able to:

Apply for a residence permit if your goal is to own your own company and become an individual entrepreneur

You can apply for an residence permit that includes an employment permit when you meet with an employer that is willing to provide you with a preliminary contract of employment

For study visa you need money. In the case of Barcelona let’s look at the amount needed in a study permit.

The estimation is an estimate and could vary slightly based on the location, city, etc.

Language school tuition at universities is ranging from 3,000-6,000 euros annually.

Rent of accommodation between 300 and 500 euros per month for a room between 800 and 1000 euros per month for an apartment.

Insured of 30 to 70 Euros per month.

To prove your ability for payment, you need to have enough money in your bank account to be able to reside in Spain for the duration of a year. In 2020, this figure is approximately 7000 euros.

Investor visa

In this instance you will need to make an investment within the Spanish economy up to 500 000 euros to apply for the visa.


According to the chief of the company that handles visa issues, transferring to Spain by investing takes only a few days, requests are reviewed more quickly, and in a timely method.

In this situation, there’s no requirement for being within the country for more than three months, however you can start work immediately.

Investor visas are granted for a year. After that, it is extended for two years and finally for five years.

Business visa and work visas in Spain

Finding a job and conducting commercial activities in Spain is feasible with the proper documents.


This visa is appropriate for:

Highly qualified and highly skilled professionals are able to obtain an residence permit once they decide to move to a country.

employees of multinational corporations who have representative offices or office in Spain. Spanish Kingdom

Entrepreneurs who will create job opportunities for Spanish workers, and are investing

The conditions for business migration to Spain is very complex and not every business is acceptable. The Ministry of Economy will examine the plan and make an announcement.


The visa is valid for two years and may be extended to relatives.

Permanent residency.

Be aware that illegal immigration poses an extremely risky proposition. And the Permit to Reside in Permanent Residence Permit is a prime example of a situation.

Learn more regarding Permanent Residence Permit by sedentarization here.

Today in Spain there are a lot of migrants who are living according to this idea.

And and the Spanish administration will be “loyal” with them. The primary issue is being an honest citizen.


The conditions for the migrants who have been displaced who are socially sedentarized are as the following:

You must not quit the country for more than three years. You have to be registered somewhere

Pre-contract is a commitment by employers to enter into an agreement with you to allow you to work at least 40 hours a week once you’re legally registered. However, employers rarely consent to these terms and thus you work for them, without registration.

Assimilation proof documents, skills in the language evidence of social interaction. A basic understanding of the Spanish language is a key to establishing a successful relationship with people in the area. This is why it’s important to study Spanish courses.

The list of the documents needed for your Certificate of Settlement (Informe Arraigo) is quite extensive You must prove that you have successfully integrated in society.

It takes a considerable time to go through the documents.

The issue usually lies in the pre-contract. The employer doesn’t want the company to be audited regularly. Don’t want to cover tax investigations, etc.

The unemployment rate is very high in Spain and it’s easy to recruit locals rather than immigrants.

In addition, among those who emigrated in the Spanish country there are some who have returned to their home country. What is the reason for this Consider a few observations.


What is the reason why immigrants come back from Spain?

There aren’t any “freebies.” This is because they believe that everything would be simple and straightforward, and that money will be able to appear “from out of nowhere”. However, here you must do the work and at the exact while drawing up documents. Someone would never have thought of this kind of “freebie”.

They are not interested in or do not have the time to understand the culture. In fact, it might be a good idea to place it in the first position. Since you must know Spanish to integrate in with society as quickly as you possibly can. Some people, however, manage to go on for years without learning Spanish. What is their strategy? It could be a component of their language that they speak.

They aren’t able to adjust mentally. It’s a completely different culture and a different way of thinking and the culture. If you decide to go to Spain be sure to adhere to Spanish laws.

For medical reasons. While they do go on the contrary, they go to Spain or to the ocean. However, there are exceptions. the climate isn’t suitable. Maybe relatives are sick and require care.

Taxes that are very high. Tax on property if you purchased the property in Spain (0.3-1.2 percent of value) and taxes on transport, income tax for individuals, and so on.

Awarded a great job in the home country. Someone has started a business and needs assistance. There are many such instances. It is best to think about it 100 times before you make a decision, as when it turns out, the company could not succeed, and return to Spain and then return to Spain, which is not simple. And make the change to the entire country too – it’s the same thing.

They are not able to issue a residency permit. There are occasions when they are able to stay for 12 years indefinitely without a residence permit. They do not wish to handle papers and, as a result that the law requires them to leave the country.

Infractions to the law can lead to exile. There is no law against breaking the law in any nation!

The results didn’t meet expectations. Thought of one thing and had plans but failed to achieve the goals. It is important to adapt and adjust to the changing world and not be a romantic and prepare for the worst.

If you move to Spain in Spain, the “working situation” is less than that of your country of origin. Some people aren’t able to accept it The ego doesn’t like it which is why they flee Spain


I couldn’t adjust to the work hours. Work hours begin at five or six o’clock and there’s also the night time schedule. Lateness at work is extremely punished. Many Spaniards in Spain are afraid about losing jobs. They employ nannies to look after their children. They accompany children to school, kindergarten. Infections are not welcomed. Therefore, discipline is discipline.

“Objectivity gets distorted. It becomes apparent that the country is just as good as Spain. However, when you return to your homeland, people believe that the image is now the black-and-white. After a while before returning, they return to the nation where they were prior to.

Naturally, the reason of each person are each individual are difficult to determine. If you have any personal experiences please share them in the comments in the event that you believe so.

Permanent residency

There are many who have heard about the possibility of coming to Spain with a tourist visa, but stay in the country illegally and then after 3 years, you can apply for a residency permit.

Does this actually happen What are the challenges illegals have in Spain?

Looking ahead. After this article, we’ll provide the correct hyperlinks to pages and channels of immigrants still living in Spain in the present.

And and.

Social sedentarization, also known as the arraigo social allows permanent residence and the ability for work authorization in Spain.

Of the three kinds of sedentarization, this is the type that is social which is the most frequently used.

Law 4/2000 -A -2011 -7703 does not define sedentarization, so we will refer to the Supreme Court, which considers sedentarization to be the set of ties that bind the person concerned to his/her place of residence (economic, social, family, employment, academic, etc.) and justifies the requirement to acquire the right to reside.


Social settlement is regulated by Article 124.2 of the Regulation of the Law on Foreigners -A -2011 -7703.

To be legally recognized by social sedentarization, following requirements must be fulfilled:

A continuous stay within Spain over three consecutive years.

The most efficient method to demonstrate the validity of your residency for three years is to show a proof of registration.

If there isn’t a propiska, the applicant can provide any other documents supporting the claim and demonstrate his or the legality of his or her claim by sedentarization.

There is no criminal record.

Have no criminal record Not just in Spain as well as within countries (or the countries) of the previous home. The past five years are considered.

Employers must sign a contract for at the very least one year.

The employment contract must be signed by the employer and employee at the time of application to the immigration office and must be valid for at least 1 year.


It is helpful to add on the document a specific clause that outlines the time at which it begins to be valid following a favorable decision in granting residence to the applicant and the ability to perform work.

Have a close relative resident in Spain, or submit a social integration report – informe de su integracion social.

For the purposes of obtaining an residency permit couples, cohabitants registered and immediate family members of the first generation (ascendants and descendants) are considered to be direct relatives.

If there aren’t any relatives An integration report should be submitted with the application to be granted residency.

This is covered by Art. 68.3 of the Aliens Act and Art. 124.2 of the Regulation.

The opinion is issued by the authority of the autonomous area in which the applicant is a resident.

The opinions on integration of social issues should include the following information:

The time period for which the applicant has permanent residence at their residence address. (Each city within Spain regardless of whether it is Barcelona or Madrid each city has specific rules for how the duration of residence must be verified: residence registration utility bills, residence registration, etc. );

Families have ties to foreign nationals living in Spain;

Participation of the applicant in social, cultural and work programs, etc. (As in the previous point it is possible that Town Hall can ask for any evidence of the integration of a person into society: documents of the completed language or vocational programs, membership of associations, etc. );

The presence of sufficient money for economics in the account.

The advice is to approve the request for residency but not granting the rights to work i.e. without presenting a contract for employment that is based on sufficient economic means.


It is also recommended to build a home that gives you the possibility of working for yourself through the establishment of entrepreneurial ventures which generate enough income.

It takes 30 days to write an opinion.

If the opinion isn’t provided within this time the applicant is entitled to the right to verify the information required in any other manner.


Pensions in Spain

The payments of pensions in Spain is controlled by the Constitution as well as The Social Security Act, Article 129.

In this law, citizens with a minimum age of 67 with at minimum 15 years of work experience in Spain are eligible to be granted an old-age pension.

In 1996 a treaty on social security between Russia and Spain was concluded, which allowed Russian citizens to officially draw old-age payments in Spain.

This is particularly true for those who are legally employed within the country, and they are also registered on the Seguridad Social registry.

Their retirement will be similar to that of Spaniards and their work in their home country is considered in the duration of their service. It should be at minimum 15 years and include one year in Spain.

According to these conditions under these conditions, the minimum monthly installment is 7,805 euros a year.

It is important to note that every Spanish region might have distinct standards for service length. It is best to check the details directly from the city in which you reside.

It is also required for the payer to contribute in the state social insurance scheme for a period of 15 years. The amount of the pension will depend on the amount of contribution for all the time you worked.

The minimal pension for Spain in 2020 is 636 euros. the median is 908 euros, and the maximum amount is 2,567 euros.

The Kingdom of Spain, pensioners get a second pension once every calendar year (June to December).

The amount will depend on the length of time served and the amount of money paid for social savings.

Senior citizens from other countries who haven’t had a job in Spain are eligible to receive monthly benefits of the sum of 430 euros.

To accomplish this, they’ll have provide proof of their earnings aren’t more than subsistence and that no one can offer financial aid.

The retirement renewal rate refers to the amount of an individual’s salary that they get as pension benefits as they reach the age of retirement.

In Spain the rate of replacement can vary from 50 to 100 percent. In the average, it’s 80percent.


For instance:

If the median salary prior to retirement was 3,300 euros, the person who is retiring will earn 2,400 euros, as long as an average replacing rate of 80 percent is used.

The amount of the payments will be contingent on the amount of contributions made to the pension fund of the country.

Spain has a small birth rate and its amount of seniors is growing.

In 2020 Spain, in the Spanish Kingdom there are 7.8 million adults over the age of 65 and 7 million kids who are younger than 14 years old. So, the government of the state has decided to raise the retirement age to 67 from 65.

Spanish pensioners are continuing to study and are delighted to have a second chance at education. They learn foreign languages, participate in courses in design, and are curious about additional specialized knowledge. They are active and curious.

They love to make new acquaintances and enjoy time with their friends. In towns of all sizes and shapes, there are special centers that offer entertainment for elderly people.

There are many opportunities to participate in games of gymnastics, intellectual and computer science.

The State (fully or in part) provides tickets, insurance and stays in rest homes and sanatoriums.

In retirement, we conclude that (in Spain), life is only beginning.


Is it easy to get an opening?

It is better not to rely on a job that is easy to get. The best times for high earnings in Spain are now over.

In the 90s, go to work was easy. Documents weren’t required and workers were required. Today, unemployment is at an all-time high and the hiring of illegal immigrants is not a good idea, due to the documentary concerns.

However, there are alternatives. It depends, obviously on your goals and ambitions to live in Spain.


The most important factors that determine hiring are:

proficiency in the language

The availability of positions, provided that you are willing to accept.

It is also possible to search for employment in Russia. There are many options available however, if you are in an occupation that is internationally sought-after it is possible to master the Russian language to the level you want and then enter the country with the class D visa which removes all issues with legally valid residence and work.

The country typically requires workers from the IT industry and, therefore, if you are, for instance, in an interest in programming and are looking to find work with no knowledge about the programming language.


Websites for job search in Spain: largest resource in Ukraine work in Spain for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians Ukrainian resource for those who want to improve their lives and find work in Europe Russian-language website and sites to find jobs and services for cleaning, child care and elderly care, private teachers the largest job search site in Spain for engineers, IT professionals and technicians jobs and internships for students vacancies for medical professionals site for teachers and tutors, you can work remotely

The alternative is to search for work by yourself after arriving to the United States. There are a variety of options available here and they all depend on the status of your.

If you’re a student living in Spain with the student visa, all work opportunities are available to those who are.

For this, you must obtain an unpermanent work permit. If you are fluent in Russian you could try your hand working as a pizza delivery man or sales manager for instance, in Russia.

This type of work won’t give any opportunities, but it will offer the opportunity to earn a small amount.

In the average, you could get a pay around 500-700 euros per month.

There is also typically an array of seasonal jobs. In the average, you can count on the duration of a season to be between 9 and 10 months. You can also expect the average wage is 600 euro per month however in smaller firms it may be less.

A lot depends on your priorities as well as your knowledge of Spanish.

Spain is a highly developed country in terms of construction, agriculture, and industry and they offer the majority of the jobs available on the market for labor.

Construction jobs are offered to males, and they can also the work of a loader, electrician, carpenter and similar tasks.

The primary requirement for employment is having documents available or at a minimum an elementary level of proficiency in the language In addition generally an experience in the area is required.

A typical full-time, unskilled worker earns between 15 and 80 euros per day, and the average being 50 euro per day.

Women can find an opportunity to work as a cleaner in a home or institution. Cleaning staff earn between 5 and 9 euros an hour, and between 45 and 60 euro per week. A family of four can provide up to 3 hours of work, but typically up to 6 to 9 hours each week.

If you’ve worked with children, and more importantly still, you are fluent in English You can test yourself as a nanny governess. The pay is $500 or even more per month, based on your abilities and the type of work.


Taxes in Spain

Tax on income federal and autonomous (IRPF) between 21 percent to 52 percentage. The total amount varies on the composition of the family, the amount of dependents and mortgage repayments and so on.


4.4% Food items that are essential (vegetables bread, milk, bread books, fruit, and newspapers)

10 percent of the basic food items (medicines transport, food services for hotels, the construction of

New houses)

21% – Products that aren’t covered by different tax rates.

Tax on business operations. (Impuesto de Sociedades) up to 30%. The entire region is a factor.

Transfer Tax on Property Transfer Tax (ITP) between 6 and 11 percentage

Economic transactions are taxed. (OS)

Tax on legally documented acts (AJD) 0.5 percent

Taxes for individuals on property that is immovable (IBI) as high as 2 percent

Individuals tax on vehicles (Impuestos obre Vehiculos de Traccion Mecanica) up to 150 euros per year

The tax on activities that are economic (IAE)

Tax on the construction, reconstruction and organization (ICIO) starting at 4 percent

Urban Land Value added Tax (IIVTNU)

Non-residents of Spain have to pay:



Property Transfer Tax (ITP)

Tax on legal actions (AJD)

Motor vehicle tax (Impuestos sobre Vehiculos de Traccion Mecanica) and property tax (IBI) on a general basis.

To summarize

Before you decide whether to move for a trip to Spain whether you want to or not consider it 100 times. In the end, changing the country will change your entire life. Are you up for an opportunity? If yes, then you should move towards new opportunities.

Do you have a tale to share about your time in Spain Tell us about your story with us in the comment section.

And lastly as promised, websites and blogs of people who have emigrated to Spain.


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