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One method of moving to a nation with higher standards of living is to decide to establish a company in Europe. In the present, getting the right to citizenship, or even an residence permit within the European country isn’t an easy task there are a lot of newcomers who don’t wish to work and would rather spend their entire lives in the midst of local taxpayers, could alter the attitudes of Europeans towards immigrants in a negative towards immigrants in the negative.


However, a foreigner willing to be a worker, pay taxes, and grow the economy is treated differently. This is why it’s worth considering opening your own company in an European country.

The benefits of starting an enterprise in Europe

Many who have had experience in entrepreneurship Russia aren’t morally prepared to take part in the same process. In Europe However, the circumstances are different. When you open your own company in one of the European country there are a few things you are guaranteed:


Fair and trustworthy to young entrepreneurs’ tax laws. Many nations provide new entrepreneurs with tangible tax benefitsthat allow them to swiftly and quickly get started;

The absence of corruption, cronyism or bureaucracy

Simple, rational and well-thought out registration process, comprising only a few steps.

possibility to obtain a loan from a financial institution to help business growth on fair conditions;

an opportunity to be a part of the international market. The European Union economies are more suitable for entrepreneurs from European countries than entrepreneurs from ex- Soviet states as well as Asian countries.

When you are you are planning to make a business move to Europe be aware that it won’t be capable of carrying out an the business of entrepreneurship, based on the rules that were established in Russia. Labor is costly and you’ll have to pay for sick leave and vacations and you will be unable to claim “grey” wages or free overtime. You will also be required to pay for the poor quality of goods or services.

What type of business should I start in Europe?

It all depends on the level of investment, the nation in which you intend to relocate, and obviously, your personal preferences: conduct your business to your pleasure it will be successful.


The current European business trends of today include:

Recycled production green power generation, production of products made from biodegradable plastics, the production of paver tiles made from recycled tires, and so on.

catering services: cafes and restaurants themed bars fast-food restaurants catering, food delivery, and take-away and take-away establishments are also sought-after;

Cargo transportation and cab services;

leasing of vehicles such as vehicles and trucks, machines, vans, motorcycles

Domestic services: cleaning and laundry, dry-cleaning repairs. This is a surprisingly common industry in Europe due to the fact that the greater the human welfare is, the less time he’s willing to spend on mundane tasks, preferring to leave the implementation of his tasks to others for a fee.

Note that your business is not just a product that you create or purchased, but it can also be bought. If an European owner sells a business that did not perform and you’re sure that you are able to succeed in this field consider investing in a pre-built business.


Furthermore, you could be a remote entrepreneur and do your work from home, or start your own online store that offers the most unique selection of products. The possibilities are limitless. However, be aware of what can do within Europe It is essential even before you make the relocation.


What requirements do I have to be able to have to start an enterprise in Europe?

In the beginning, you must have an idea and business plan. In the process of creating a plan, it’s important to thoroughly study the requirements of your business, and get familiar to the laws governing taxation in the country, as well as other important aspects.


In addition to the notion that you have, you will need capital. The amount you need will depend on the particulars of the future venture and the country where you intend to establish your business. For instance in Poland and Poland or the Czech Republic, you can take a ten thousand euro sum. However, for Germany and France with that amount of money is not something you can accomplish – you’ll need at minimum 3-4 times that amount.


You can begin registering for a new company while you’re currently living in Russia while simultaneously finishing your current business and getting ready to relocate. It is recommended to get the assistance of a competent lawyer The process takes an enormous amount of time and timethat you will not have are putting into this process and won’t be able to use. Legal costs for professional assistance is something we recommend you include it in your business plan when the legal assistance is included as your planned line of spending and the incentive to cut them down is less.


If you want to examine the business environment in the country in which you plan to conduct new business you are planning to conduct or create business relationships, you’ll require a specific visa. An ordinary tourist visas don’t permit you to engage in such activities.


The purpose of a business visas according to the reason for a business visa Europe is either commercial or for business. The initial requirement is when the businessman of the future comes to the country for events, seminars, conferences and preliminary agreements with prospective partners, and negotiating with banks about possible credit and other similar.


If the intention of your visit is to sign documents or to conduct formal talks, you will need to apply for a commercial visa as these types of activities are considered to be “commercial business”.


The business environment in Europe is very favorable to start-up businesses, while the ambiance for immigrants looking to make money on their own is very favorable.


However, doing business in a foreign market can be risky. To stay clear of pitfalls that could be dangerous and to become the proprietor of an legal company with the least costs in terms of time, money and moral expenses it is highly recommended to work with professionals who are experienced in this field. The amount of money you invest through their help will be repaid in the shortest amount of time.


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