Not all immigrants are equally beneficial: PROS AND CONS For RUSSIA



The increasing number of immigrants entering Russia partially helps to offset the decline in population. But , in reality, there are less and smaller Russians within the country. There must be something done to address this.

Record-breaking migrants break records.

The World Bank has published an analysis of the state of migration of workers around the world. The major conclusion is that in 2018 the number of workers who worked in other countries transferred their work to home countries at record levels that affect migrants from low- and middle-income countries as well as those from high-income countries. Experts anticipate that these figures will continue to rise in the near future.


The total amount of these remittances grew by $689 billion from the year 2017 up to by the end of 2018 which is which is an rise by 8.85 percent. The majority of the money was sent by immigrants from middle or low-income countries. 529 billion (483 billion in 2017). The growth was 9.6 percent. With the exception of China (69 billion dollars were contributed through migrants in Middle Kingdom countries) and China (69 billion were sent by migrants to Middle Kingdom), it is obvious how crucial the figures can be for low and middle-income countries that provide labor. Direct investment in the Middle Kingdom was just $344 billion in 2018.


There is no place is there a better place to be than Russia

World Bank analysts attribute the mentioned statistics to the improvement of overall growth of the U.S. economy as a overall and the increase in job opportunities in the country specifically. Russia and the other countries who have joined the Gulf Cooperation Council also make significant contributions.


The document specifically states the fact that Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have benefited significantly from the stability economy in Russia. Ukraine is regarded as the largest beneficiary of remittances from Eastern Europe, with about 14 billion dollars sent to Ukraine in the year 2018. The amount, which is which is the result of an increase of 19 percent was a record for the country.


Indians have the most to bring home.

In the top countries for remittances, India, with $79 billion, beat China. Mexico is in third position with $36 billion. It is following by Philippines ($34 billion) and Egypt ($29 billion) completes among the five top countries.


The increase in money remittances from migrants who are part of World Bank notes almost everywhere around the globe. One of the leading countries in this regard is India which was hit by severe flooding that in Kerala caused people to search for jobs in the states around them. This led to the flow of cash into India increased by 14 percent in the year 2018. A growing number of Colombian immigrants are now living in Spain which is which is up 16% because of this.


Global migration processes are not without pros and cons for the donor as well as recipient countries. However, it is not wise to think of workers who are migrant workers as an janitor at the yard or another low-skilled employee. For instance there is a statistic that in the United States, 30 to 70% of the most important scientific papers are created by people from other countries. The Legionnaires are considered to be migrant workers but some are later able to stop being migrants after obtaining new passports and joining an American national side.

Close-up Of Gavel And Passport In Front Of Law Book

Pros and pros and

Yet, the standard assessment of the pros and cons of the subject in Russia is based on migrants from neighbouring countries who tidy up yards and front entryways and perform construction work laid asphalt, and discover new occupations that don’t require advanced qualifications. They fill in the traditional gap in this field as well as Russian citizens are more willing to take on better-paying jobs, in terms of both social and financial. Therefore, it is possible to increase the mobility vertically of our domestic labour resources is guaranteed.


Other advantages typically include lower unemployment rates in the country, greater manufacturing efficiency and lower inflation because of the tendency of migrants to save, as well as higher revenue for the state budget due to an increase in tax revenues and levies. This final point is in close connection to the issue of illegal immigration and illegal employment.


Contrary to the positive effects of the migration of workers, there are negative effects that are less obvious to people in general, and they are often the basis of the public opinion about newcomers from countries that are neighboring, leading to the development of social tensions within the region. This was evident, for instance in Yakutia. Labor market dumping decreases the wages of local workers. The efficiency and productivity of workers are often affected, as the availability cheap labor impedes the development of technology that can save labor. The burden of migrant workers is significantly greater of social services, specifically when they are moving with their family members.

There’s a notion, but what are the outcomes?


The approach of Russian government is immigration is beneficial to Russia and we have to adjust migrants to our current conditions in the most efficient way possible. This is reflected within the Migration Policy Concept for 2025. It was accepted by Vladimir Putin back in 2012.


The experience of countries who have an active policy of migration shows that the effects of migration enhance socio-economic growth and help ensure an increase in the wellbeing of the population. To harness the potential positives inherent in migration processes the entire system of management in Russia needs to be updated,


The document says. To how much this is actually happening It is recommended to inquire with the people of Moscow. But, there are six years still to come and the new Concept could be implemented.


Find the golden signification

Whatever they do by the government, certain experts believe: “Migrants are taking jobs away from Russians,” others keep declaring: “Then who will build homes and clean up the streets? ” Others assert that in 30-40 years, there will be no Russians will be left in Russia. And this argument continues to be debated since the demise of USSR. Everyone has their own view and the truth, like always, lies between the two. In the end, there are Russians who are prepared to lay tiles however, not for the price that the sluggish Kyrgyz are willing to shell out. And another Russian chooses to hire the latter because it’s more profitable and the work can be completed in a manner that is often no less, or perhaps better. The construction industry is not having the best of times, yet there’s a lack of workers – migrant workers save the day. And the list goes on.


The challenges of migrants can’t be resolved only in Russia. In fact, in some European countries, the issue is similar to the problems in other countries. There is one thing that is for certain: we need to combat illegal migration and introduce tools that let us examine the effects of guest workers ‘ presence on the economy of the country in the most detailed manner feasible. And foremost, we should not only reduce the exodus of Russians from our country however, we must also ensure that they return and the need for immigrants will be reduced.


Here and here.

Let’s end on a high note. In the year 2018, Russia recorded a minimum flow of immigrants – their number fell to 124.9 thousand last year (minus 4percent). This is the lowest since the fall of the USSR. In a report conducted by specialists from the Institute of Social Analysis and Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, we’re talking about immigrants who remain in Russia for a prolonged period and are able to ensure the growth of their population. However migrants began leaving our country more often as their migration outflows in the year the year 2018 increased by nearly 17 percent. For contrast, only in March of 2019, 100 000 immigrants “rushed” towards their destination in United States. And this is despite President Donald Trump’s extremely strict policies.


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