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Many generations have dreamed of moving to the United States. The country offers a high standard of living, great entrepreneurial opportunities, and excellent business conditions that will help you achieve your goals. While a country is successful, not all people decide to live there permanently. There are many realistic options to stay in America, and you can move to America.


Here are some facts about America: climate, people, and cuisine.

The state is located on the continent North America in Western Hemisphere. It consists of 50 states. 48 of them are bordered by each other and two stand out – the huge peninsula Alaska and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.


The state’s vast territory offers climate options to suit every taste. The country’s main area has a mild continental climate with high humidity in the east, and dry air to the west. Alaska is known for its Arctic climate while Hawaii is known for its tropical climate. Residents are often threatened by hurricanes, with the southernmost states most vulnerable.


The US has approximately 270 million inhabitants. 80% are of European American heritage, while 2% of Americans are Jewish. The average annual after-tax income for the US population is $42,000 per year. This is a clear indicator of the wealth and poverty. The top eight percent of economic ladder citizens earn eight times as much as those at the bottom.


Local cuisine is a mixture of different national cuisines from around the globe. Here, you will find Indian, Mexican, and European cuisines. Each state has their own favorite dish. Florida has key lime pies; Alaska has venison steaks; Connecticut has clam pie.


How to Immigrate to the United States

The first step in planning a move for a Russian citizen or citizen of any CIS country is to determine the best method for obtaining a permanent residence visa. There are many options, but we will only be able to discuss the most popular.


However, before you can choose the migration method, there are several important things to consider. These are:


Collecting information about the country, and how to move there. It will take several weeks to gather all necessary information and then to organize it in order to decide how to move.

Start planning your life. You need to put everything into practice in Russia before you can find a “haven” in America. An educational institution may help you get a visa for study, or an employer will pay a portion of the cost. They can also send an invitation to help you move. It is best to have friends in America that will help you adjust in your new country.

Learn English and save money. You will need to save money in advance for your move (registration of documents, rental housing, and medical examination). You will also need to have a good knowledge of the language. It is not a waste to invest in improving your English if you are already proficient.

There are many ways to move to America

There are two legal options to enter America from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzkistan, Uzbekistan or Russia in 2021. There are two types of migration: direct and indirect.

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The table below shows their nuances.

Each method is unique and has its own implementation principles. Each program requires a step-by, sequential development of events.


The visa is granted to the applicant and he or she lives there for a period of time.

Next, he/she will apply for a permanent residence permit (green card) or a residency permit.

A foreigner who has lived in the US for 5 years can apply to become a citizen if he/she so wishes.


It is very difficult for foreigners to obtain a job in the United States. The U.S. protects local workers’ employment rights. A future manager invitation will not suffice to issue a work visa. Only an American employer can invite employees. Permission from the Federal Employment Service is required. The Citizenship and Immigration Service must then submit a visa application.


If you are:


He or she has exceptional ability and could be of use to the U.S. government.

The position in which the migrant works is not appropriate for any U.S citizen who is able to do so.

The rights of local workers will not be violated by the hiring of migrant workers. For example, U.S. workers will not lose their wages if they are employed by the alien.

A Russian citizen gathers all necessary documents and applies for an immigrant Visa. When an immigrant visa number has been assigned, you can begin working and then move to the United States.


Ballot visa system

America created a ballot system to issue work visas in 2017. It is based on the fact that applicants for employment are awarded points if they excel in any category.


Take, for example:

Candidates under 21 are awarded 6 points. 22-25 candidates receive 8 points and 26-30 applicants receive 10 points. For older applicants, the points number gradually drops.

A high school diploma is worth +1 point. A bachelor’s degree is worth 5 points and a master’s degrees, 7 points.

A passing score of 100% on an English test is 12 points and 60% is 6.

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You can also earn points for being a Nobel Prize winner or other scientific achievements. You must have at least 30 points to be eligible for visa approval.


Immigration for business

In the United States, “business immigration” refers to obtaining work visas that allow you to work for yourself, start your own business or purchase a business. After one year, the permit can be renewed for a further 3 years. A citizen can apply for a Green Card if an enterprise starts to develop.


The cost of a full business immigration to America for migrant will be between $25,000 and $45,000 The amount must be in a bank account that is verified by a financial certificate. You can use the money for any purpose. Entrepreneurial immigration is the most popular and easiest way to legally move to the United States.


The purchase of real property allows for immigration

A residence permit is not available in America if you own a residential property. A house or apartment in the state owner can only stay for 30 days in the United States.


It is possible to obtain the desired green card by investing in commercial real property.


There are two options available:


$500,000 investment in any commercial enterprise that the Department of Immigration designs. This incentive program is available to 3,000 Green Cards each year.

Any commercial property worth $1,000,000. Investors must secure at least 10 jobs for Americans, and be able to manage the profitability of their company.

Achieving an education.

Students under 25 years old are usually granted a student visa. First, they apply to the university of choice and then take exams. A visa is granted to a student who is accepted by the university on the basis of an invitation.


It is crucial for prospective students to show that they are American citizens at the U.S. consulate.


Strong ties to the country of origin will make it easier for the citizen to return home after completing his or her education.

The student has enough funds to support himself/herself in the U.S. as well as to pay for his/her education.

It is not unusual for a student visa application to be denied. This could be due to:


Failure to understand the American dialect or inability to communicate with others in English.

Past experiences with negative migration while studying or working in America.

A wrongly selected university or course will result in a lack of practical application in the home country.


Family reunification

This area of immigration law is the most important. American family reunification is a process that is moving at a rapid pace, although sometimes it takes a while for your application to be processed. There are quotas that allow you to issue such visas.


Applications for the reunification or adoption of minor children by parents in the U.S. and adult children living abroad with their parents are given priority.


There are also restrictions for other categories:

American adult children. There is a quota for 23400 annual visas. The fourth category includes unused visas. Category 1 is for unmarried children, while category 3 is for married children.

Children of permanent residents who are not married, husband/wife. Citizens are eligible for the second category, which is 87900 visas each year.

Married siblings or brothers of U.S. citizens. Priority category 4: 65,000 annual visas

The process of issuing a residence permits is significantly slowed down by the quotas. In rare cases, the wait time for a residence permit application could be as long as 10 years. The average waiting time is between 1 and 5 years.

Married life

You can also immigrate to America by meeting a citizen or permanent resident to marry. The date of entry must not exceed 90 days.


The migrant can apply for conditional permanent resident status after the marriage. After two years, the migrant can apply for a Green Card.


Important: The United States has a rule that if spouses have lived together for less then two years following the registration of the marriage, they lose the right to reside in American cities. His Green Card is cancelled and he must return home to his country of origin.


Migration via Refugee Status

A citizen can apply for asylum in America if he is being persecuted or threatened by discriminatory laws in his country. To apply for asylum, the citizen must travel to the country to submit a declaration of need to continue in refugee status. Rarely, an individual can apply for asylum in his or her home country.


You must show documentation that you have been persecuted in order to gain entry into the United States.


This is how the situation looks:

The foreign migrant resettlement program is available to applicants who can prove that they are in danger.

After one year in refugee status, an alien can apply to the United States for legal permanent resident status.

The lawful permanent resident status of a refugee allows him/her to temporarily leave the United States and work in the USA.

Important: Any attempt at relocation requires an honest declaration of intentions and a deliberate effort not to leave the country. If a foreigner crosses the US border with a tourist visa, and decides to remain as a refugee and claim persecution, authorities will reject the lie and refuse entry.


Emigration without legal status can have devastating consequences

Illegal presence in the U.S. can result in expulsion and bans on entry.


The length of time that the illegal immigrant has been in America determines the severity of the punishment.


Six months to one year – a three year entry ban

A ban for more than one year is a ban that lasts 10 years.

The second illegal entry is a ban of 20 years.

The pros and cons of living in America

American life isn’t as idyllic as it appears at first glance. Immigrants face particular disadvantages.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons as described by CIS migrants.

Many immigrants who have moved permanently to America recommend that you save up before you leave. To cover your rent, food and other expenses, you will need to have some capital. The state in which the immigrant will be living determines how much seed money they need. A foreigner can earn a decent living working as a mechanic, sales clerk, or other related jobs over time.


Review of Emigrants

Helen: I have lived in Georgia for one year and then I moved to Georgia to meet my future husband. Locals are friendly and always willing to help. They also know how to have fun. I’m a skeptical person who doesn’t like America. I can see the flaws but not its advantages. I dislike the mandatory insurance system. It makes medical care too costly or inaccessible for many people. Although the concept is interesting, I don’t like the complex credit history system. Other than that, I’m happy with my life.


Leonid: Happiness in the local community is based on a good home, a well-paying job and an education. The legislation, which many criticize, I find a plus. I’m glad that nobody is asking for bribes. Officials and tax officials don’t threaten.


Eugenia: I’ve lived in Virginia for many years. All locals dream of a large house with a swimming pool and a green lawn. But this property is extremely expensive so most people live in apartments. One-bedroom apartments cost about $150,000. I live in the suburbs. Because buses are not a good option, everyone gets to work by vehicle. It was quite shocking when I first saw the apartment. The communal facilities are affordable, every detail is considered, the apartment is comfortable and cozy, the yard is quiet, and there is plenty of space to exercise and walk. Megacities are more dense because of the limited areas.


With its high standard living standards, the United States attracts many immigrants. The country’s economic, political, and social indicators are all positive. It is difficult to live in America permanently. You need to be patient, have money and select the right immigration method.


For permanent residence, why not go to America? Easy! Here are instructions on how to move to the USA legally

This is a significant event, and it’s important to be prepared for how to move to the U.S. to obtain permanent residence. Every year, more than 500,000 people from other countries visit the United States to pursue the American dream.


Many laws and restrictions have been introduced to limit the flow of immigrants. It becomes increasingly difficult to immigrate into America every year.


You must decide which legalization option you prefer to allow you to legally move to the country to reside. You have two options to legalize yourself: you can get an immigrant Visa while in Russia, and then travel to the USA to obtain permanent residency. Or, you can leave the country and change your nonimmigrant status while in the US.


Allow to Stay

Only 3 legal ways to legally emigrate from Russia to the United States are available


Family reunification is available for parents, spouses, children and siblings. An immigrant visa can be requested by citizens of the country for their relatives. There are no restrictions for requests from spouses, children, or parents. For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins, there is an annual limit of 480,000 permits.

Employers in the United States may permit foreign workers to work there if they have received approval from the U.S. Federal Employment Service. This permit is difficult to obtain, as it requires that the specialist be a U.S. citizen. A promise that the hiring of an alien will not lead to a decline in wages or worsening of working conditions for American workers is another condition of approval. Law limits the number of immigrant workers to 140,000 per annum.

Citizens who are persecuted or tortured in their homeland countries can apply for refugee status. Justifications can include racial, ethnic, religious, or political affiliations, or membership in any other organization that is disleasing to the authorities of their home country. A foreign national can apply for such a permit at the U.S. Embassy in his or her country of origin or while he/she is here. The applicant can be assured of protection by the U.S. authorities if he or she provides evidence that the threat to his or her life is real.

The number of people who want to travel to America at the moment is so high that the U.S. immigration law established a quota system to limit the annual issuances of immigrant visas. Because the US is filled with citizens on welfare, the authorities are reluctant to issue green card to refugees. They reduce their number each year.


You can also leave the country through the green card lottery. It’s not as simple as it sounds. It is necessary to provide proof of financial ability, work experience and proof of education.


Temporary and permanent immigration

To obtain permanent residence in the United States, one must first get an immigrant visa. There is another, longer, but legal option if you are unable to follow the three legal routes.



Sometimes, you may need to update your visa status while on American soil. Before you travel to the States, consider whether it is worth it. Pay attention to all terms and conditions of the change of status. Calculate whether you can live on your own for the duration of the jobless period.


You can apply for about 20 types of nonimmigrant visas when you move to the United States.


Bridal visa. This visa is required to enter the country and plan your wedding. This permit is valid for three months. After that, you will need to formalize your marriage and apply for conditional permanent resident status. You can apply for residence in the United States after 2 years.

If your employer sponsors you, you can get a work visa to obtain a residence permit. This allows the family to reside in the U.S. permanently, and the temporary work visa permits them to move.

The owner of a business which is established in America or another state and has a branch within the United States is eligible for a business visa. This permit is granted to the businessman and his family for a one-year period. The green card is issued to the American owner if the business succeeds.

Any state that recognizes a child born in America automatically recognizes it as an American citizen.

America’s Employment Situation

Each Russian citizen is eligible to apply for a job in the USA. This is not a complete list of reasons to work in America.


Most immigrant work visas can be issued upon receipt of a petition from an American employer. Americans should not be negatively affected by the hiring of a foreign national.


One of the best ways to travel to the United States is to work as an immigrant. You must not only be fluent in English, but also be highly skilled and needed by the American workforce. You must have the right educational qualifications and work experience for the job you are applying.


Finding a job in the United States is the first step. This can be done by visiting the City Employment Service portal, or looking through job openings at any agency. You can find a lot of information online about the state of employment. Once you have found the job that you like, you will need to obtain a petition from your employer. After you have your petition, you can go to the consulate to apply for a work visa. Documents are required



2 color photos 3,5×4,5 cm.

Translated diploma from high school into English

Translation of the certificate of membership in a professional association into English

English translation of employment history

English resume.

From the moment you submit your documents to when you are allowed to start work, it can take up to six months. Your employer can petition for residency if you have been employed by the same company for three years.


Housing in the States

Pay attention to the best places to live in America when choosing a job. New York City is the most populous. Here are all the economic ties to the United States. A large number of jobs are available and there is rapid career growth, which attracts many immigrants to the area. It is also the most expensive place in America.


You should expect to pay high rents, high dining and recreational costs when you move here. You will be amazed at the city’s fairytale charm, including its skyscrapers and wild nightlife, and its high prices.


Chicago, one of the most dangerous American cities, has seen its image changed since the beginning century. It’s now Baltimore, Birmingham, and Cleveland. Chicago is a great alternative to New York. You can rent the apartment for between 1200-1600 Dollars per month. The food for one week is 150 Dollars. Leisure time is very affordable.


Consider traveling with your family to one of the most safe cities in America. These include Madison, Rochester and Arlington, Berkeley, Sacramento and Salt Lake City.


Bellevue, Washington is a great place to live a peaceful life at home and work a fast career. Santa Clara, California, is situated in Silicon Valley. This is a famous area that hosts the top tech and knowledge-based startups. It is also home to some of the most successful platforms where venture capitalists and developers interact with each other.


These are the most dangerous cities in America. They have low standards of living, education, high unemployment and a majority of residents who rely on welfare benefits. These places aren’t worth moving to, it is obvious. These are just a few: New Haven and Stockton; Memphis, St. Louis; Oakland, Detroit, Flint. Research the local situation before you apply for permanent residence in the United States.



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