Migration: the main directions and kinds



Moving is the act of moving people, typically related to an ongoing or temporary change in the place of residence.

In the context of direction, the direction of migration, both are internal and external. External migration refers to the movement of people from one country to another. In this case, leaving one country is referred to as immigration, and entering is known as immigration. Internal migration refers to the movement of people within the country (most usually in the direction of “city village – city”).

It is common to differentiate between the difference between forced, voluntary and forced natural migration.

In accordance with the time of the migration, they are classified into temporary, permanent, seasonal, seasonal, and pendular (this includes movements towards “to work and away from work”) as well as depending on the coverage of territorial between intracontinental and intercontinental.


Migration balance is the difference in the number of immigrants and emigrants. It is positive when the number of immigrants is greater than those who emigrated. negative when the number of people who have left the country is greater than the number of people who came in or left the country, and zero when the number of immigrants is greater than those who are immigrants.


Potential reasons for migration:

Economic – the primary reason for migration. It is linked to the transfer of laborers to countries with a higher quality of life, the conclusion of lucrative labor contracts as well as obtaining more reliable work conditions, higher education and other. It is also known as “brain drain” which is a mass exodus, which is accompanied by the exodus of highly trained specialists

The reason for this is that migration to the political reason is not always free, and is more frequently forced (as the consequence of coups d’etats, revolutions or regime change) and is often accompanied by the threat of the quality of life. This is the case with deportation, which is the forceful expulsion of the person (or or group of people) from the country for political reasons.

Environmental – Migration for this reason is often associated with the risk of life due to reasons of the environment (Chernobyl crash);

religious – resettlement based upon the beliefs of religion, pilgrimage or other religious practices;

National (ethnic) resettlement back to the homeland of the ethnic group.


The most important centers of immigration for a considerable period included in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. Following World War II, however the flows of migration across continents decreased and intracontinental migrations grew.


The most popular destination for immigrants is Europe. People from all continents and countries seek to make their way to Europe. The majority of these are out of Africa or Asia (Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia). In 2015, one third of all global migrants (about eight million) resided in Europe.

In the present, the amount of refugees entering Europe as displaced people due to life-threatening circumstances and those who are not registered are increasing rapidly. In recent times, Europe has been grappling with the issue of”the European immigration crisis. This is the largest crisis ever seen in Europe since the Old World in the years since World War II.


The European states that welcomed the most number of immigrants in 2017 included Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy.


European countries that had the most immigrants in 2017: Ukraine, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Romania and Italy.

One of the most recent regions of immigration to the labor market has been developed in the oil-producing nations which include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar. The workers from Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Sudan and so on. are welcome to join us.


The United States and Canada remain major centers for labor migration. The total labor force from abroad in these two countries is around 10 million .


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