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Due to the difficulties getting an U.S. visa, many people are looking for alternative ways to get into in the United States, for example via Mexico. There are various arrangements that exist between Russia with Mexico and the United Mexican States that simplify visa requirements. Russian citizens are now able to apply for a visa for Mexico by submitting an electronic authorization.

The idea of moving to USA via Mexico Illegally emigrating to the United States through Mexico


How can I get into America legally from Mexico without needing a U.S. visa in 2022


More than 300 million people traverse the border between the U.S. and Mexico each year. In the same way the number of immigrants from abroad who enter the same route and illegally is approximately 500,000.

You require an entry permit in order to travel to America. Asylum is the only method to get into in the United States without a visa.


Inquiring for an Entry Permit for Mexico

For just one trip to the country , you require an electronic permit that permits you to remain within the state for a period of six months. The document you need to obtain is granted if the trip is for tourism or business. The registration of the entry document is completely free.


You have to get into Mexico using the electronic travel permit in a month after receiving it. The document can be used by an agent for travel or yourself.


If you decide to make an application for a permit on your own then you must:


You must answer all of the questions of the online survey posted at the website for the official embassy of Mexico. Mexican Embassy;

Verify the information on your passport and eliminate any errors;

Print the document electronically on paper.


It is recommended to submit the application early, if you minimum 25 calendar days to the scheduled departure date. In general, it is not more than five minutes to read an online request.


Sometimes , there are delays to issue a permit and the embassy personnel might not be able to explain the reason. Most often, the reason behind the refusal is minor mistakes and errors in the particular information, and occasionally there are criminal records.


Additional steps to travel (including booking tours) should be taken following the approval of your application.


If, for any reason, you have not been able to get an electronic authorization then you may resort to the usual procedure of obtaining visas via the Embassy. The period of registration can be up to 15 days. The applicant must pay a consular cost of 15 percent.


What is the best way to travel to Mexico

Foreign citizens with an electronic travel authorizations can travel to Mexico only via flight according to the set rules. Keep in mind that it’s obligatory to purchase tickets for the return journey.

There are many routes available for the flight:


— Moscow — Cancun and Moscow (charter);

From Kiev (Ukraine) by European cities (for instance Paris, Amsterdam, London and more. );

  • For Schengen Visa holders, take departure at Berlin, Frankfurt or Madrid.

The case consists of several documents:


In English the I-589 application form, which must be filled in with an electronic image (and the photograph must be taken no more than three days prior to the date it’s completed) is created.


A rationale for the issue is the most crucial document that is needed in this case. There is a compelling reason for you to relocate towards in the U.S. as a matter of urgency , which blocks any possibility to return back to your country of origin. Every claim must be supported by documented evidence.


Documents that provide an analysis of events that occurred in the asylum country with the reference to various official documents (for instance, reports from the official organisations for protection of rights of the human. ).

Background information (testimonies or explanations, protocols and more. ).


It is essential to prepare your application in a professional manner as the effectiveness of the whole asylum process depends on it. To avoid any potential flaws It is recommended to make use of the services of experts in the field of migration.


The assistance of a migration lawyer

Immigration lawyers with experience can help those who are refugees (including the ones of Russia) that are suffering the oppression of their country, in preparing the necessary documents.

The services they provide include checking all information in documents, identifying errors and errors, and also separating documents in accordance with their subject.

The border Between America and Mexico. United States and Mexico

The boundary between two countries is over three hundred kilometers. Constructions made of concrete and steel serve as barriers that separate one country and the next. The movements are controlled with specialized equipment (sensors drones, sensors).


Some of the major Mexican cities that border the border include Matamoros, Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali and many more. You can reach each of these cities from Cancun via land or air.


The situation in city bordering the border is highly unstable due to the presence of illegal immigrants and criminal elements involved in the trade in drugs. So, be aware: do not leave your home at late into the night, and don’t leave your documents and belongings in the open, and so on.

What should you do at the frontier?

There are about sixty border crossings at which you can apply for asylum. It’s not hard to locate them, however it is essential to know how to cross since there is a distinction between those who cross by the foot and those arriving via vehicle.


If you look over your travel documents, an agent warns you against entering into the U.S. without a visa. This is the time to inform the officer that you plan to apply for asylum under the political system.

Following that, the process to process and screen applicants for asylum starts. The next step is when refugees are taken to specially-designed detention facilities where both genders are held separated. Children younger than 14 years old, no matter their gender are placed together with women.

Immigration center

They are also known as deportation isolation isolators. They differ from one another in terms of the conditions for detention. There are places where the conditions are more relaxing (there is all of the facilities, TVs, etc. ) Additionally, there are centers that are overcrowded, with twice as many people are accommodated as space can accommodate. Every immigration center comes with these nuances:

Refugees must put all their belongings into a storage facility in accordance with an inventory which is maintained until they are released from the detention center.

3 meals a day are served.

Transfer of the personal savings of refugees to an account that is specifically designed for them and the possibility of making use of them for personal reasons;

There are centers with sports halls and libraries;

The mandatory biometric data collection process.

Communication with the immigration officer.


For those who have children, the wait time to talk with an immigration agent is considerably less than for other immigrants. If you are speaking with an officer, it is important to share your story and make a convincing argument for the decision you make. An effective presentation of your story will help you to reduce the deposit fee.

Bail or Bond

If you are planning to leave the detention facility you must make a bond or a surety.

Bail could range from $1,000 to up to $20,000. It’s all about the credibility and authenticity of your case is. The person who is the guarantor could include identified as an American citizen or Green Card Holder, and who has their own property or rental property and who works working in America. United States.


Refugees are under the radar of the government when they leave the center for immigration. Refugees are given GPS bracelets that track their movements.

The asylum seekers who apply for political asylum are evaluated through an immigration judge. This can be a long procedure, as there are numerous applicants.

Immigration court

The judge will consider all situations and then takes an informed decision on whether to accept or deny asylum. If the asylum request is denied, the person is sent back to the country where he was born.

Illegal entry illegally into America through Mexico

The less protected zones (e.g. deserts or waterways) are often used as illicit border crossings. This route is favored by criminals, smugglers, and smugglers and whose services are utilized by refugees. It’s extremely risky to travel this route. In general, this method is appropriate for criminals and wanted individuals, as well as citizens who are refused visas, etc.

Can I visit Mexico using an US visa

If a person holds an active U.S. visa, he can travel to other countries in Latin America, including Mexico.


The longest staying within the nation is believed to be six months and it is possible to cross the border anytime so long as their visa is not expired.


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