How do you get permanent residency

The possibility of obtaining citizenship in Australia is possible through special programs designed for various categories of citizens:


Investors and businessmen;



parents, spouses, and children and children Australian residents.



Professional immigration is possible by publishing an application form on the Australian Government website located at this address

After completing the application form, you could receive an invitation from the government authorities in the country as well as from hiring organizations.

The list of occupations in high demand is regularly reviewed. The current one can be found here

Candidates must prove the validity of their English proficiency by passing an IELTS or TOEFL test.


The conditions of the program also contain the requirement to complete a questionnaire, which is based on the system of cumulative points. The minimum requirement for admission is 60. Age, educationlevel, and the level of professionalism of the applicant are taken into consideration. A separate block is the evaluation on IELTS certificates. IELTS certificate.


Specific requirements are set for various professions. For certain professions, it’s essential to demonstrate the highest level of knowledge of a language as well as vast work experience, whereas for other professionals, experience is not needed.


For departure, you will require an employment visa that lasts up to five years. Family members who are not eligible for visas can be eligible for dependent visas.


Citizenship is a possibility after four years of uninterrupted the country of immigration.

Permanent residency via the investment or business

In this area, there are many strategies:

A capital expenditure in the amount of $1.5 million or greater.

Innovative business idea that has been approved from the federal government.

The opening of a branch of established company.

Buy a functional business or a portion of it.

Investors are required to meet the minimum requirements of IELTS. For entrepreneurs, it is a little higher.


Participants will require an business visa for 2 years. After that, the permanent permit is issued. After 2 years, citizenship is granted.

The student program for students

The holders of diplomas from Australian universities are eligible for an entry permit to stay in Australia. If you are planning to pursue a degree in Australia be aware that in Australia, the primary education is 12 years. Therefore, residents of Ukraine must wait at least one year after they have completed high school to continue their studies in their country of origin, or to be ready to attend the preparatory course in the area of immigration.


The cost of higher education is funded (on average around $ 10,000 annually). Students are eligible to participate in the program. (in in addition to requirements above) requires an account statement from a bank confirming the existence of funds to fund the education and support for life.

Once you have received the diploma you are required to depart the country. But, you can stay for a while and then begin applying for citizenship.

To be able to work in the country, you will need the graduate visa which lasts for up or 4 years. The time period is determined by the degree of the educational institution, which graduated applicant and also the status of the degree.


Australia is extremely supportive of forced immigration. However, to be granted asylum and then permanent residency within the country, the reality of persecution has to be proven.


In recent times, the number of immigrants has surpassed the amount of visas granted due to the current situation The process has become more complex.


Family Reunification

This includes spouses or adult children as well as parents of those who have obtained Australian citizenship.

The demands for relatives are minimal, however the requirement is that there is enough income from residents to pay for the immigrants on their own.

The initial permit is valid for 2 years. After which you are able to apply for a passport local to your area.

A mandatory condition for those who participate in every program is healthy and fit (including the absence of any dangerous illnesses) and untinted moral character.


For merchants who are business owners, their histories are scrutinized separately. In the past, bankruptcy is not admissible.


In contrast to other CIS countries, visa applications from Ukrainians are considered by the AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSION, based in London.


What you should be aware of prior to deciding whether or not to move to Australia

Ukrainians have settled throughout Australia however, most have settled in the major cities.


If you decide to go with the megalopolis, take into consideration that the cost of housing will be substantially more expensive.


To find a job, there is a specialized resource where employers can post available positions:

Salary Overview

The most lucrative salaries in Australia for lawyers and doctors is upwards of 10 thousand dollars per month.

IT professionals make around $8,000.

Engineers and economists, bank clerks up to 6 thousand dollars.

Manager Assistants – $4,500.

Drivers salespeople, cooks, drivers and other catering staff between $3,000 and $3,500.

Tax system

Taxes on income for individuals are calculated using the basis of a scale that ranges that ranges from 0 to 45 percent.


For a salary of that is up to 18000 dollars, the tax isn’t charged.

18-20 thousand dollars – 8 %

20 to 50 million dollars 17 percent

Rates increase as salary increases. The maximum amount of tax is imposed for incomes over $200 thousand.



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