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Many of our readers have dreams of moving to another country.

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Answered the question “Where should i emigrate to Russia?” We asked them about their plans. We asked them about their plans, including how they decided to move to the country, their plan for moving there, what they planned to do once they’d moved and how much money they’d have saved.



Plan to save 2.5-3 million rubles

Andrey Kretinin

Age 26, Voronezh

Georgia is a great place to live. It has affordable real estate, good food and wine, friendly people and it’s easy to obtain a residence permit. Also, there are strained relations to Russia which is a plus.


I would like to purchase an apartment in Tbilisi, then rent it via Air-Bi-NB. I will then move in when I’m ready. Next year, I plan to visit Tbilisi to find a place to call home for $35,000 (2,619.145 P). This will allow me to apply for a residence permit. Although I need to make repairs and hire a manager, I have someone to call. Then you can rent.


I am a mobile app developer. I work in a studio and have some small projects. I am able to work remotely and can find a job right away. I know Russian well enough to quickly learn English.


What is the cost of living in Tbilisi?

Czech Republic

Plan to Save: 500 000 Rubles


21 years old, Kazan

Actually, I studied Polish. But then, I discovered that IT professionals in the Czech Republic make good money. My boyfriend is a systems engineer. We decided to move there together without much thought. It will be easy for him to find work. I also know English, Polish, English, and Ukrainian. Soon, I will be learning Czech. As a copywriter, I won’t be able to work in emigration. Article writing requires me to have perfect language skills. It is possible to work as a freelance translator in five languages simultaneously, or learn Czech.


Although we weren’t planning to save any money, there were more important things that needed to be done. We are moving into our apartment, which was donated by our parents. Yes, I speak languages but my boyfriend speaks only technical English. I have not been able to persuade my boyfriend to learn English at all.


I will be following the man, who will become my future husband, as he gets a work visa. The apartment will not be sold, but we will have to keep some money just in case. The guy will first leave, then he’ll find work there, then he’ll rent an apartment and I’ll go to him. When I have a Czech Republic child, we’ll both get our citizenship. Parents automatically get citizenship. Both of us are working together to increase our seniority. We will both be around 25 years old when we leave in five years.


What is the cost of living in Prague?


Plan to Save: 500 000 Rubles

I moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and I plan to move to Canada in two years. Moscow is a mini-Russia if you can’t grasp the current events in Russia in St. Petersburg. Every city has had people gather here, a little at a time. You come across hate, disrespect, boorishness and stereotypes about men, women, and the environment every day. The prices are high and the quality of goods and services is low. I don’t feel secure or comfortable in general. The state doesn’t work for you; it works for you – this is the main argument for moving.


Canada seemed like the best place to live. However, that is not the only thing. Comfort is what matters to me, not being hot. I wouldn’t choose Thailand or Bali.


I am currently working and saving money. Additionally, I am learning all that is possible in emigration. This will allow me to see my profession and work in a different way.


I am now a copywriter in the company. It is tied to the language. I don’t know what I will do when I emigrate. I would like to work remotely in digital sphere. Perhaps in my current company or in another position. As an option, I will create a T-shirt that says “Bouquets In Bulk, I will Bring in an Hour, Call: 777-777777” and deliver flowers by bicycle.



Plans to Save: 400 000 Rubles


Saint Petersburg, 23 years old

Although I enjoy many aspects of Russian life, the opinions of others around me are changing. I’m no longer welcomed due to my salary of over 40 thousand rubles.


Ireland was my first choice for a country. It is less risky than the UK and requires you to stay there for only five years to become a citizen. Switzerland was also an option. It is convenient, but it lacks the services and banks that I need, so it is not a priority for me.


I will be joining the Skilled worker Program. I am a programmer, and I would like to keep doing it. Although IT professionals are highly valued in many countries, there is still a shortage of them on the market. I am also fluent in German and English at the C1 level.


I had already applied for an interview in Dublin last year, but it was unsuccessful. I now plan to pursue a master’s in my chosen field, gain more experience and give public speeches to enhance my resume.


Although I have saved money, it is not enough to pay down the mortgage on a house. We’ll spend the money when we think about moving. All that’s missing is one more kick. My partner’s opinions on where to move are quite different from mine. He would choose Australia, the U.S. or Germany. Even a five-year relationship will not last that long, I fear.


Plan to Save: 2-3 Million Rubles


Yaroslavl, 22 years old

A Japanese speech caught my attention and I was instantly captivated. Their culture is appealing to me, as are the weather conditions. I set the goal of learning the language in two years and passing the exam.


I am also saving for a two-week trip to Japan. First, I want to go see everything and decide for myself if it is worth it. If I like it, then I will look for work through local job boards or freelance work depending on my interests. Right now, I work as a logistic manager.


After I leave the country, I will either return to education or finish some books and put them in print. It takes too much time to do what I love in peace when I work in an office.


How to plan a trip to Japan



Plan to save 300 000 rubles


Ufa is 27 years old

I am an engineer for a petrochemical firm and plan to continue my work abroad. I would like to live in a country with long summers and decent living standards. First, I wanted a country with jobs in petroleum refining or chemistry. Second, I wanted a nice climate. I love summer and third, I wanted a decent standard of living. As far as living conditions and competition on the labor market, I chose Southeast Asia, especially Singapore, to be my best choice.


I am currently just doing some research on visas and moving. Now, I want to improve my English skills from Intermediate to High-Intermediate and my professional abilities. If I am lucky enough to be accepted into a large company, I will travel the world for work. I will only save the money for travel and a down payment on housing.


What is the cost of living in Singapore?


Plan to Save: 500 000 Rubles


Tyumen, 25 years old

Although I had made the decision to travel to Iceland a year ago, I have been contemplating emigration for many years, dating back to ten years. I love Iceland’s climate, environment, and way of life. I would like to go to university. I am learning the language and saving money.


I am a copywriter and will continue working remotely in Iceland. I then plan to study science and get a degree.


What is the cost of living in Reykjavik?


Plan to save: 1,000,000 rubles


Moscow, 29 years old

I have too much on my plate. The economic situation, low standard of living, and social security are all factors that I don’t like. I also fear for my children’s future.


The final shortlist, which we had been working for months on, included Austria. The shortlist also included New Zealand, Canada, and the Netherlands. Austria is a stable and economically advanced country in central Europe that offers many options for immigration.


We are planning to move to the country for either studies or to get a job in an international firm. I am an IT professional, and I do business development and sales for complex business automation projects. We haven’t had the time yet to do any specific things, and we only recently chose the country. The next step is to at least improve English to conversational level.


What is the cost of living in Austria?


Plan to Save: 300-500 Thousand Rubles


Kovrov for 30 Years

A post I saw on “Habra”, about a successful move with the blue card, reminded me of the American green cards. This is what I needed. Germany – A developed country with high standards of social services, a large need for programmers and simplified residence permits. It also has the highest wages and lowest prices. It’s something I like.


I have been searching for a job since June, and I have been interviewing for several positions. However, my employer has not yet found me. I am currently working as a web developer. That’s what I plan to do after I move.


What does it cost to live and work in Berlin?


Plan to Save: 10 000 Euros


Moscow, 15-years-old

The day after the Chelyabinsk meteorite crashed, I was reading an article about the Norwegian standard of living. I am learning Norwegian and I would like to attend a Norwegian university. They offer free education to all. I am also saving money.


I am a student and part-time courier. Students cannot work in Norway. However, you can find work as a part-time worker such as cleaning or other simple jobs. Although it isn’t as lucrative, I am able to make presentations for Russian schoolchildren. To move, I must have a balance of 10,000 EUR (841 718 P) in my account. I will attempt to earn this amount through couriers and presentations during school periods.


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