Five steps you can follow when you plan to relocate to another country.



I’d like to offer my own experience to show you the first steps in moving to a different country could be. I’ve immigrated twice: initially in Russia in Israel with my daughter and husband as well as to Israel to Canada by myself with my three children.


If you’re thinking of moving to a different destination, then this guide can guide you through the process and help you determine how to get started on your goals.

I’ve learned that at times in life, you reach a point at which you realize that it’s time to make changes in your personal life. For instance, you’ve hit a wall in your career or development for your nation, that you would like your children to have an improved future than they do currently or do not support the attitudes of the government in your country towards its citizens or perhaps you have always wanted to be in a different country, and understand a different mindset and culture. There are many possible reasons. However, they’re not that crucial, the most important thing is that you’ve got the desire to leave your home to another country.


Friends and acquaintances frequently inquire about how I achieved it, and how to begin? I’ve put together an overview of the five initial steps to do. I’ve also included my own examples to show each step.


The steps I have listed


Step 1 – Collect the information

If you’ve already decided about the country you’d like to visit and not step is crucial. To fully understand your options and possibilities it is essential to gather data. Begin with the easiest and most readily available information: the Internet blogs, blogs and friends, as well as acquaintances. It’s helpful to learn about the life is like inside the country that you are interested in. This will assist you in deciding which country you’d like to travel. In the event that you already have a plan it will give you an accurate idea of what’s waiting for you.


I was able to listen to a variety of accounts about the life in Canada before I made any action. I came to realize that Canada is not an abomination and is not as far as it appears and that immigration is real and there is a lot of life in Canada as well as its benefits.


Step 2 – Evaluate your choices

A lot of countries have sites filled with information on immigration, there are also calculators points, which is a useful tool that can give an initial assessment of your abilities. There are also several organizations that are specialized in providing immigration aid, which can provide you with all the details you require. You are able to use any of the options however I would advise you to try all the options available.


As an example the time we thought about a second move after hearing stories from acquaintances about Canada and Canada, we set up appointments with lawyers from an immigration office located in Tel Aviv. While I was more interested in moving to Australia however, the lawyer after examining our history and my personal history, suggested that I apply for a visa specifically for the region that is French-speaking in Canada, Quebec. Different countries have their own requirements, and in Canada along with Canada’s federal program for immigration each province has their own immigration programs. I was the primary candidate, and given my educational background, career and experience in the field I was in Quebec which had the best chances.


Step 3 – Preparing/Closing Gaps

There are instances where you’re really keen to relocate, but do not score very well in the assessment prior to applying. It could be because you don’t have enough understanding of the language, or no knowledge in any way, or maybe you aren’t in the most sought-after job, or you don’t have enough money, or something other than that. It isn’t a problem. Every aspect can be tightened and the flaws can be fixed.


I didn’t score enough points to qualify for Canada since my field of study was not included on the list of subjects that are essential. I could speak English however, was not French. Additionally, based on the guidelines of the program to which we were applying, I could earn points extra for a 10 day trip to the country. Therefore, I began to study French I reached the required level that I was able to pass the exam and flew off to Montreal to stay for 10 days.

  1. Preparing, and submitting documents

Once you have decided where you would like to relocate to The most difficult aspect of gathering documents begins. If you’re handling everything by yourself, you will get a list of all the necessary documents available on the official website for immigration. Every document must be converted into the language of the country you are applying to. If you opt to ask assistance by an organization, they’ll explain what you need to do and which documents are required and then they will translate and mail all documents. In some cases, after the initial submission of paperwork, you could be asked to submit additional documents. Make sure you are prepared for this.


When it comes to Israel We gathered all of the documents on our own. However, for visas to Canada We made the decision to speak with a lawyer to avoid any unnecessary stress and ensure that all forms have been filled in properly.


  1. and 4. might be different, based on the country and the immigration program.Sometimes, waiting for an answer could be a long time.In my case, it took me 5 years. With the knowledge of statistics on visa wait times We first applied then started to collect the points that were missing. The sequence of steps followed the reverse order beginning with step 4. followed by 3.


Step 5 – Thinking about the plan.

After all your documents are filed, and everything within your control, completed now is the time to consider what you’ll do and where you will go to work, what amount of you will need to relocate and the very first time you find a job and what schools you will send your kids to, and the list goes on. A lot of people start by doing this step. However, If you’ve got a dream you want to achieve, then go to realize it. Point calculators are essential to help you determine your chances are of becoming a part of the new nation. Immigration services are efficient enough to filter out people who are not likely of achieving the goal. Certain countries have good social services. This means that you won’t have in the danger of starving yourself to death or ending up in the street. Thinking too much and thinking too much in the beginning will make you feel less confident and deprive you off your faith.


Prior to moving to Canada I collected information about what you have to do before you can move to Canada. For instance getting an ID number from Social Security as well as health insurance and opening a bank and enrolling my kids in schools… I discovered an apartment and purchased furniture prior to moving in. In Quebec there was a program that offered free French courses to people who were immigrants and also offered the students with scholarships. I wasn’t planning to look for work immediately which is why I added these classes to my list and. I considered the best way to fly to the city. Because the flight was lengthy with multiple planes and changes and I was flying on my own with my three kids I decided to take a long transfer time, and then rented an apartment to stay the night. The result was that, after an hour-long flight, we had an entire day and night in Geneva and, after having the night in a comfortable environment it was time to get prepared for another seven-hour journey… I had a plan for the initial steps.



Everything is easily achievable. If you’ve got a goal that you want to achieve, you’ve got the power and ability to achieve it. It is important to be able to see the possibilities, and then act. The process may seem daunting in the beginning, but once you are involved, it’s simply steps and steps you must undertake.





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